Introducing Our New Room Sprays

by Grace Martin October 19, 2018

Room sprays

Wake up your surroundings with our new Room Sprays, available now! Made with 100% pure essential oils, these nontoxic Room Sprays refresh and elevate your favorite spaces.

Spritz them throughout your home, office, and car to enjoy the wonders of aromatherapy all day and night.

The Room Sprays were expertly formulated to neutralize odor while adding radiant aromas. Environmentally friendly, each Room Spray is housed in non-aerosol, glass bottles. Like all of our products, they are cruelty-free and vegan. Enticing and naturally balanced, the Room Sprays will become your new household staple.

Adding to the thrill of this release, we are offering a stellar deal! When you buy 2 Room Sprays, you get a FREE 1 oz. Rose Bergamot Body Oil now through Monday, Oct. 22. No code required.

New Room Sprays

Cedarwood Spruce

Allow the woodsy aroma of Cedarwood Spruce room spray to transport you to an untouched wilderness. Fresh air in a bottle, its purifying formula helps eliminate odors while adding a cozy warmth.

Chamomile Lavender

Transform any space into a sanctuary with Chamomile Lavender room spray. Like the first day of spring, its unforgettable aroma inspires hope.

Frankincense Lime

Quickly spruce up your home or office with Frankincense Lime room spray. Its citrusy notes are the perfect complement to its forest fresh layers.

French Lavender Sage

Fill your surroundings with the inviting and relaxing aroma of French Lavender Sage room spray. Its soft floral notes mingle with the complexity of Damiana and Grapefruit.

Rose Bergamot

Enchant your house guests with the sultry aroma of Rose Bergamot room spray. Its floral layers and citrus notes envelop the senses and lighten the mood.

Tangerine Jasmine

Quickly enhance any setting with the lustrous aroma of Tangerine Jasmine room spray. Romantic and supple, it accentuates sophistication and affection while cleansing the air.

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