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Mythstakes - Can You Overuse Essential Oils?

Mythstakes - Can You Overuse Essential Oils?

Do you use an essential oil so often that you’re afraid your body will develop a tolerance to that oil? Is “oil memory” a thing? It’s a question Edens Garden gets asked frequently.

Essential oils are powerful substances which should be treated with the same respect as medications. With that said, just as you can develop a higher tolerance to frequent use of drugs and alcohol, you can develop a tolerance to EOs. This is dependent on how much oil you use and how frequently you use it.

Using copious amounts of EO may put you at risk of being over-exposed to that oil, and the oil will thus lose its effectiveness. How will you know that you’ve been over-exposed? You likely will experience a weaker effect from that particular oil, or no effect at all. If this happens, it’s best to stop usage of that particular oil for a period of time.

Avoiding overuse altogether is achievable by rotating between EOs, properly diluting and diffusing for 30-60 minutes at a time. The bottom line- when it comes to essential oils, a little goes a long way.


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2 Responses

Edens Garden

February 07, 2018

Hi Nathaly! Great question. Though aromatherapists are likely to use essential oils more often than the average consumer, overuse can still be avoided. For example, one major route of absorption of oils is through inhalation. By wearing a mask over your nose and limiting inhalation to when necessary, one can avoid overexposure. Ensuring that you do not touch oils can be avoided by wearing gloves. When testing an aromatherapy product is necessary, have others test the product.

Also, when talking about overexposure we are generally talking about the use of copious amounts of oil at unsafe amounts. Most aromatherapists know to dilute and to use diffusers when needed at different amounts.


February 06, 2018

hi EG, when it comes to a massage therapist that has to use different EOs at different ratios during the week, how would this affect the tolerance of the therapist to the EOs? Although the EO would be diluted in carrier oil, nonetheless, the exposure can be high at times.
I appreciate your thoughts