Natural Deodorants Are Coming This Friday, Nov. 2

by Jenna Jones October 30, 2018

Natural Deodorants Are Coming This Friday, Nov. 2

The highly anticipated arrival of our natural deodorants is just around the corner with the launch set for this Friday, November 2. Available in 5 unique aromas, our natural deodorants utilize the power of 100% pure essential oils and nontoxic, prebiotic ingredients.

If you’ve tried natural deodorant before and felt underwhelmed by the results, rest assured that our formula is unlike any other. Completely free from aluminum, baking soda, parabens, phthalates, gluten, glycol, and synthetic fragrances, our natural deodorants eliminate odor while delivering lasting aroma.

Our prebiotic formula actively destroys odor-causing bacteria while maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance by protecting healthy bacteria. It is important to safeguard your skin’s natural microbiome to prevent irritation and keep a barrier from environmental toxins and allergens. Our natural deodorants take a holistic approach to lasting protection so you can feel confident and fresh all day long.

5 New Deodorants Coming This Friday, Nov. 2nd:

Cedarwood Spruce: Get lasting odor protection with the mineral-rich formula of Cedarwood Spruce Deodorant. Its woodsy aroma naturally invigorates the senses while calming the mind.

Frankincense Lime: Neutralize odor while supporting your skin’s natural microbiome with Frankincense Lime Deodorant. Its forest fresh aroma has hints of citrus, perfect for all-day wear. 

French Lavender Sage: Naturally refresh while putting a stop to body odor with French Lavender Sage Deodorant. Its botanical notes complement the rich aromas of Damiana and Grapefruit essential oils.

Lavender Magnolia: Effectively eliminate odor while adding a floral softness with Lavender Magnolia Deodorant. Its essential oils naturally soothe and detoxify the skin so you feel totally clean from morning to night.

Rose Bergamot: Experience the elevated aroma of Rose Bergamot Deodorant while ridding the body of unwanted odor. Its naturally healing ingredients help protect against free radicals while deeply conditioning the skin.

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