DIY Bubble Mix and Wand - OK For Kids Bee Happy

by Charity Dykstra August 19, 2016

Diy Bubble Mix and Wand - OK For Kids Bee Happy

Sometimes trying to keep our kids happy feels hopeless. Toddler tantrums can start up as unexpectedly as natural disasters, and it always happens at the most inconvenient times... in the middle of the grocery store, right when the phone rings, or the minute you sit down to rest. Stressful life changes can also provoke frequent emotional outbursts, like starting school or moving to a new state. But we can teach our kids that happiness is in their own hands with Bee Happy! Not only does this blend turn that frown upside down, but its aroma is simply wonderful.

There are many fun ways to use Bee Happy, and one of our favorites is by adding it to a bottle of bubbles! Fresh out of bubbles? Try creating this simple recipe using materials found in the kitchen.



5 oz Distilled water

1 oz Light corn syrup

1 oz Unscented liquid soap

8-10 drops of Bee Happy

Wire (coat hanger or floral wire)

How to

1. Mix together water and corn syrup

2. Then heat for about 2 minutes in the microwave.

3. Stir, then add in the soap and Bee Happy. You will also need a bubble wand! Try making one by reshaping a metal coathanger, or by using floral wire.

You’ll find that happiness is contagious as you watch your tykes buzz around the yard, and may even want to join in the fun of enjoying these Bee Happy bubbles. Shelf life: 1 week.

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