The Best Body Oils For Valentine's Day (And How to Use Them)

by Jenna Jones February 09, 2018

The Best Body Oils For Valentine's Day (And How to Use Them)

To inspire romance this Valentine’s Day, add body oils into the mix. Not only do our signature body oils have aromas that’ll make you swoon, their therapeutic benefits can help you and your beloved get even closer.

Whether you’re in the mood for a flirty massage or wanting to look your best for a starry-eyed date night, body oils can give your Valentine’s Day a boost. Here are some of our picks and ideas to enhance time with your darling.

XOXO body oil: The night before your big date, rub a few drops of XOXO body oil on your lips for kissable softness. Its fractionated coconut and Camellia Seed oils can help hydrate and smooth any dryness.

Lavender Magnolia body oil: To keep your locks silky smooth, add a few drops of the oil to your hair before blow-drying. Endlessly nourishing, Lavender Magnolia body oil can actually improve the condition of your hair when used regularly.

Tobacco Patchouli body oil: Get that effortless glow by smoothing on a pump or two of Tobacco Patchouli body oil onto your cheekbones after you apply your makeup. The oil will add a shimmery highlight all-night.

Rose Bergamot body oil: Perhaps the most sultry of our body oils, Rose Bergamot is ideal for a romantic massage. At the end of your evening, light some candles and massage Rose Bergamot body oil onto your S.O.’s skin. To warm the oil, simply rub a little in between your hands and let the relaxation begin!


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