Our Most Calming Body Oils & How They Work

by Danielle De Guzman February 18, 2019

Most Calming Body Oils

Whether you’re anxious about an upcoming interview or looking to wind down after a long day, our selection of calming body oils can put you in the ideal state of mind.

Aromatherapy has long been touted for its stress-relieving capabilities, enjoying an ever-growing body of research supporting the effectiveness of essential oils to reduce stress. Our exclusive line of deeply hydrating body oils combine therapeutic essential oils with ultra-soothing carrier oils to smooth, moisturize and nourish your skin. The next time you step out of the shower or bath, be sure to apply these body oils to help you reach a much-needed state of relaxation.

French Lavender Sage

Gently floral and herbaceous, French Lavender Sage body oil contains a few key essential oils to alleviate stress. Lavender itself is the powerhouse of the essential oil world, with studies reporting that breathing in Lavender essential oil sends signals to the olfactory system and the brain to release neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine) to help regulate mood. Sage and Sweet Marjoram essential oils are also known for their grounding effects. Apply French Lavender Sage body oil to the neck and chest after bathing to get the full benefits of the aroma.

Vanilla Sandalwood

On top of its decadent and luxurious aroma, Vanilla Sandalwood is also ideal for bringing stress levels down to a calming state. A 2017 study found that Sandalwood was shown to have beneficial effects on negative emotions. Use the Vanilla Sandalwood body oil in a massage to elevate your experience.

Vanilla Ylang Ylang

Sweet and subtle, Vanilla Ylang Ylang contains components capable of relaxing body and mind. Ylang Ylang essential oil has been studied for its effectiveness in reducing stress, with results ranging from improvement in self-esteem to relief of heart palpitations. Apply the Vanilla Ylang Ylang body oil to your arms and legs after bathing and before a big day to keep you at ease.

Good Night

Perfect for pouring into a warm bath, Good Night body oil can help relax your body and quiet your mind. Its silky texture can also be applied at night to help ease tension and restore the skin while you sleep. Good Night body oil is a calming combination of florals and herbs that’ll keep you from counting sheep.

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