#TBT: Which Essential Oil Started It All?

February 15, 2017

#TBT. A day before the weekend officially starts, this Thursday we are feeling a little nostalgic. Eight years ago, Edens Garden started with the mission of providing affordable and high quality essential oils. Since that time, our line of essential oils, synergy blends, carrier oils and accessories has grown tremendously.

Reflecting on the years of expansion, it got us thinking about the essential oils that started it all. From discovering the spa-like beauty of Spike Lavender to the finding the perfect EO combination for Sleep Ease, our essential oil journey has been a great adventure.

Today, we invite all of our loyal fans to share the essential oil that kickstarted their love for aromatherapy. Did you uncover the cleaning power of Lemon first? Or were you initially drawn to the rich aroma of Bulgarian Rose. Share your favorite first EO experience in the comments below!


  • Nina says...

    I started with Fighting Five Synergy blend, which came up on a search for Thieves oil. I’m so glad I discovered Eden’s Garden, which is considerably less wallet-draining than Young Living or DoTerra. Anyway, I loved the scent and feeling from Fighting Five, so I ordered the starter kit, which included the essential six collection of Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavendar, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. I’ve used the heck out of all those and continue to add to my collection. Long story, short – I’m hooked! I’ve already created my own blends to help ease my Mom’s arthritis pain, reduce (my) wrinkles, condition my cuticles, etc. I love Eden’s Garden EO collection – there is no more comprehensive variety of pure, quality EO anywhere!

    On July 24, 2017

  • Rebecca says...

    First three: Lavender, Tea Tree and Spikenard. I had to special order and wait two months for that Spikenard, no internet in those days!

    On May 20, 2017

  • Keely says...

    My first EO that started it all was Tea Tree. My mom gave me a bottle one day and over time I was amazed at the many healing uses it had. I had an eye stye- put some on a Q-tip and applied it right under the stye… gone the next day…I had a terribly painful black cancer sore inside my mouth- same thing..Q-tip applied and next morning I woke up to smooth pink skin where the nasty sore had been…cold sores- if applied at first sight never even formed to blister!…Tea tree for me was so amazing! Grapefruit oil was next, and then from there Lavender.. I am hooked now, probably for life :)

    On April 28, 2017

  • Alicia says...

    My first EO was also Tea Tree. I am hyper sensitive to insect bites and poison ivy. One summer years ago (before EOs became mainstream) I was covered in both, and no OTC provided any relief. Desperate to try anything, (I don’t recall how I actually came across it) I found Australian Tea Tree oil. I learned the hard way you shouldn’t use it undiluted on your skin, and that it will take the varnish off your wood furniture and paint off appliances- but I also learned it provides immediate relief and rapid healing to just about any skin condition I encountered! I’ve been hooked ever sense, and after many books and a lot of research we enjoy a nearly chemical-free home, and a medicine cabinet that is full of herbs and EOs.

    On March 19, 2017

  • Anita says...

    My first memory of EO goes back to the 1950th. My grandmother told my dad to put eucalyptus oil on a sugar lump and let you suck on it when you had the flu or a cold.
    I remember she had lots of different bottles for different use. At the time I didn’t connect her household remedy with EO.
    Years later I went to Australia and everybody talked about tea tree oil and that you must buy it when you are there because it is so difficult and expensive to find elsewhere, this was 1985. I didn’t buy it but I came back and spent New Year 2000 there and this time I picked up a bottle of tea tree oil, not that I knew what to do with it……but what the heck……..everybody was talking about it and its benefits. Now…..at 71 years old I finally woke up to what these oils can do for you. I am allergic to almost all smells from perfume, from deodorant to cleaning products but I can use oils without a problem!!!!
    I am so happy that I finally discovered EO and what they can do for you. I have a problem with shaking my right hand, I read somewhere that Frankincense could help and I started to put it behind my ears about 2 weeks ago, today I wrote my first note in 4 years that was readable to anyone…..my shakings have gone down to a manageable condition……I know, it’s insane…….but true!!!

    On March 02, 2017

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