The 10 Most Alluring Essential Oils

by Jenna Jones February 08, 2017

The 10 Most Alluring Essential Oils

As many couples know, love doesn’t always look the way it does in fairytales. Great acts of romance can come in all shapes and sizes from a long hug after a hard day to taking out the trash without being asked. And although many of us are more likely to be found cuddling on the couch rather than twirling in a ballroom, the closeness can feel just as sweet.

This Valentine’s Day, allow aroma to enhance your romance. We’ve compiled a list of the most alluring essential oils. Keep in mind, our Synergy Blends are already pre-mixed with essential oils for effectiveness. In addition to this list, try AromanceAphrodisiac and Love Synergy Blends to spice up your Valentine’s Day.

  1. Cinnamon Bark: If you are looking to add more warmth and stimulation to your moments of passion, Cinnamon Bark is the way to go. It can naturally revitalize the body and mind.
  2. Damiana: Exotic and enticing, Damiana can usher in intimacy as it invigorates the spirit.
  3. Geranium: Relax the body and mind with Geranium. Its sweet and floral aroma stimulates the senses which can lead to more intimacy.  
  4. Hawaiian Sandalwood: A famous component of fancy perfumes, Hawaiian Sandalwood helps relax the muscles and ignite desire.
  5. Jasmine: Packed with aphrodisiac properties, Jasmine can help settle emotions while increasing positivity.
  6. Lavender: A classic in the essential oil world, Lavender helps promote serenity and peace. Stresses melt away with just a few drops of Lavender.
  7. Neroli: Invite positive emotions by diffusing Neroli. Its lustrous aroma helps promote giddiness and passion.
  8. Rose: Is there anything more romantic than red roses? This absolute captures the essence of the flower while boosting circulation, confidence and desire.
  9. Vanilla: With its warm and creamy aroma, Vanilla can add a cozy layer to any setting.
  10. Ylang Ylang: One of the most recognizable essential oils, Ylang Ylang’s floral aroma can inspire happiness and ease tension.

10 most alluring essential oils

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