The Breakdown Of Our Bath Salt Ingredients

by Bella Martinez June 06, 2018

The Breakdown Of Our Bath Salt Ingredients

Our team of experts formulated our new Bath Salts to marry the therapeutic use of Epsom and sea salts with aromatherapy. This begs the question, what exactly is each ingredient in the bath salts and what do they do? Here’s an insight.

Sea Salts: Each Bath Salt contains sea salts with the minerals still intact. Harvested from clay ponds off the coast of France, the minerals found in these natural, unrefined salts help with a variety of issues. From helping to relieve muscle tension and cramps to maintaining the skin’s natural flora, sea salts are a must have in any effective bath salt. What’s more is salt helps to maintain the potency of essential oils.

Baking Soda: Recommended by doctors, adding baking soda to baths is said to help relieve itchy skin, reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, deodorize and reverse dry scalp amid other uses. Baking soda also has a pH of about 9, thus creating alkalinity and a detoxifying effect when used in bathing. Approximately 65% of body cleansing takes place through the skin, and baking soda helps increase body cleansing.

Epsom Salt: The use of Epsom salt in baths has been shown to increase magnesium levels, soften skin, promote relaxation and help reduce muscle tension. Medical professionals have also recommended Epsom salt baths to reduce inflammation and skin bruising. Epsom salt truly ties together each and every Bath Salt.

Fractionated Coconut Oil: Rich in emollient, skin-loving properties and moisturization, coconut oil adds a nourishing touch to the Bath Salt while also diluting the essential oil. Known for its quick absorption and antioxidant activity,  coconut oil was the perfect choice for the Bath Salt.

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