The Golden Rules of Entertaining + Essential Oils

by Jenna Jones October 14, 2019

The Golden Rules of Entertaining + Essential Oils

No matter the season, you may find yourself hosting a soiree or attending as a guest in someone else’s home. Essential oils are a wonderful way to show gratitude and create a welcoming atmosphere. Leaving a positive, lasting impression can be surprisingly simple with a little savoir-faire. Perfect the art of hosting and attending with our golden rules of entertaining below.

As A Host

DO create ambiance. Whether at the dining table or sprinkled throughout your abode, nothing feels as cozy and inviting as warm lighting. Use candles to emit a soft glow.

DON’T  forget the bathroom. With all the bustling to clean the main guest areas and prepare the charcuterie spread, it’s an easy space to neglect. Keep in mind that your guests will inevitably be visiting the restroom throughout the night, so be sure to empty the wastebasket and provide hand towels. Leave out a bar of Tangerine Jasmine soap, and diffuse with our Diamond Diffuser and an inviting essential oil synergy blend like Grapefruit Pink Pepper.

DON’T  leave your guests hanging. Set the tone by greeting them when they arrive. A spritz of something calming yet uplifting will make them feel welcomed and confident. The entryway is the perfect place for the Rose Bergamot room spray, where your guests will be greeted by their host and a refreshing, inviting aroma.

DO check for allergies. Nothing sours a pleasant night for your guests like an allergic reaction. For both food and essential oils, it is always best to check with your guests for anything that needs to be avoided. 

As A Guest

DO remember to RSVP. This makes entertaining much easier for the host, and it’s the perfect time to indicate any food sensitivities or allergies you might have. Many hosts will diffuse essential oils as a natural way to scent their home, so if you know you have an allergy to any essential oils, be sure to let them know.

DON’T  be on your phone. Being present is the key to being a perfect guest. Meet new people, take in the sights and keep your mind off the technology. Like what you smell? Enjoy the music? Let your host know!

DO bring a gift. Showing gratitude to your host for opening their home to you can go a long way. Something simple will do. If they already love essential oils, a Diffuser Essential Oil set can provide a range of beautiful, complex aromas to incorporate into their collection, Alternatively, a luxurious room spray is always appreciated. Our essential oil room sprays smell gorgeous and come beautifully packaged.

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