The Science Of Happiness | Exploring A Happy Day Essential Oil Blend

by Annie Mascia November 17, 2023

The Science Of Happiness | Exploring A Happy Day Essential Oil Blend

It's all too easy to get caught up in a whirlpool of negativity. Being surrounded by negativity day in and day out can take a toll on our mental health and even affect how we treat others. Thankfully, we can take control of our mental health. 

Happiness can't be bought or sold, but we can find our own optimism, and if possible, pay it forward by bringing that same joy to others. 

The Pursuit Of A Perfect Day

It's necessary to strive for happiness and positivity because simply, it is good for our health. Let’s imagine for a moment what the perfect day means to each of us. Most likely many different things. Perhaps the sun glaring overhead giving off the perfect temperature – warm without being overbearingly hot. Perhaps for many of you this includes a day free of work commitments or anyone needing anything from you. Just as important is striving for these same feelings of happiness and positivity daily, regardless of responsibility. 

Being in a positive state of mind does a lot of good for the brain and the body. Being happy lightens mood and helps to lower stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which can cause damage by oxidative stress throughout the body. A willingness to seek out positivity eases anxiety and lowers the chances of becoming depressed. These same constructive outlooks can even boost and invigorate the immune system. Essential oils can help bolster this positivity and beneficial perspective.(1)

Using plant medicine and aromatherapy for its therapeutic benefits goes back through the ages. Modern medicine has found that aromatic molecules directly affect the emotional brain through the olfactory nerves when the molecules are inhaled. If you linger on childhood memories for a moment, especially regarding the sense of smell, what comes to mind? Could it be cookies baking in the oven? Is it a local flower patch or the roses in your backyard? Perhaps it's the honeysuckle wall you passed every spring day on your way to and from school. Whatever the aroma, the memory triggers a joyful response. The simple act of smiling in and of itself sends signals to the brain which releases chemicals to brighten mood and fight stress.(2) 

A Happy Day is a blend made with pure essential oils and we consider it our smile in a bottle. It was formulated purposely with citrus essential oils as its fundamental leading role further encouraged by the tenderness of florals and grounding oils. The combined aroma imparts a citrus-forward, joyful and light atmosphere. Citrus trees and their fruit are the embodiment of sunshine. Growing in the warmth of climates found close to the equator, citrus fruits absorb the sun daily and bring us their fruit amid winter, just when that lightness is needed the most. Floral oils tend to the heart, awarding strength, beauty and perseverance. Grounding oils promote relaxation and diffuse anxiety and open the lungs for deeper breathing.  

The Radiance Of Citrus And Delicate Florals

The aromatics and health benefits of this blend start with its top notes of citrus which encapsulate this blend's essence with Sweet Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit essential oil. They are fortified and strengthened by florals of Geranium and Neroli while grounding oils of Gurjun Balsam, Vetiver and Osmanthus round out the blend with resilience and backbone. Let's peak at a few singular oils in A Happy Day that are worth an honorable mention.

  • Lemons are believed to have originated in India and over the centuries have assisted with many maladies including remediating scurvy. Its therapeutic essential oil made from the rinds of the fruit has become affectionately known as liquid sunshine. As a top note Lemon oil and other citruses reach the olfactory sensors first from a blend. Its aroma is bright and sparkly. It energizes, improves focus and uplifts mood and is extremely beneficial when feeling emotionally drained and tense for activating on a positive mindset.(3,4)
  • Folk uses surrounding Geranium focused on skin ailments and the treatment of wounds. Symbolically it represents happiness and friendship. It is an exceptional aromatic with soft green herbals and hints of lemon and rose. It harmonizes and uplifts, balancing emotionally and energetically, especially when faced with stressful situations that create irritability and nervous tension.(7)
  • Osmanthus essential oil is in the same plant family as Lilac and Jasmine oil. Its origins begin in Asia with ties to the moon in Chinese mythology. This oil brings a lavishness to A Happy Day as a heavier base note with a green fruity sweetness similar to apricots giving the aroma of the blend a firmness and solidity. Similar to Jasmine it is soothing while also reassuring and uplifting. In blends, it helps to combat the effects of stress and anxiety and is a restorative that brings happiness and promotes forward-looking energy.

When inhaling A Happy Day essential oil blend, our limbic system or emotional brain is foremost affected which can change our behavioral responses including motivation and stress levels. Think about when you are stressed. Are you holding your breath? Is your diaphragm clenched? 

Let’s experiment. Inhale deeply 4-5x by diffusing or sniffing, straight from the bottle, citrus oils such as Lemon and floral essential oils such as Neroli or Geranium. Close your eyes and give the oils a few minutes to flow through your body. After that time has passed, what has happened? Have you relaxed and do you sense an ability to let go? Can you breathe deeper? You most likely feel lighter, less weighted and your energy and mindset have improved. Keep breathing deeply and slowly.

Mood Enhancement With Essential Oils

When we are stressed and tense, our respiration becomes altered and constricted and we tend to hold our breath. This physical propensity activates the limbic system and prompts feelings of fear and anxiety. These emotions signal our body to release stress hormones that activate the fight or flight response - even if there is no threat to one’s life. The surge of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline can lead to negative emotional responses such as anxiety and depression.(5)

Essential oils work upon these same neuropathways to calm the body and mind in part due to the bright aromatics of the oils coming into contact with your olfactory receptors. But this calming pathway also is alerted by the dominant d-limonene component of citrus essential oils as well as floral compounds of linalool, linalyl acetate, citronellol and geraniol. These components have been well studied in scientific environments for their active ability to calm the mind and body, energize and enlighten mood and reduce anxiety, stress and depression.(6,7)

As part of Edens Garden's expanding line of seasonal blends, A Happy Day is already gaining traction among our EG family. One reviewer writes, “Finally a blend that the citrus comes through!” It reminds her of Clinique's Happy perfume without the synthetic chemicals. She continues that when diffused, she receives many comments about its freshness from co-workers. Another reviewer loves it for its bright, very slightly floral and citrusy aromatics. 

Incorporating A Happy Day Into Your Daily Routine

Like many of Edens Garden Seasonal Blends, there are several uses and times during the day to put A Happy Day essential oil blend to work. In the morning, it will ground the user while bringing sunshine and energetic positivity while in the afternoon and evening, it will help release the tension from the day. Try our many EG Seasonal Blends in the same way!

  • Diffuse with your choice of diffuser. Add 10 drops of A Happy Day essential oil to 100 ml of water in your diffuser.
  • Massage and Aromatic Oil blending at a 1% dilution by mixing 5-6 drops of A Happy Day into 1 oz of carrier oil to relieve stress and anxiety. Or make a roll-on using 2-3 drops of this essential oil blended into your favorite carrier oil such as Jojoba oil.
  • Beaded Bracelets the Capri and the Cayman beaded bracelets are made of Howlite, Tibetan Agate and Lava stones. Easy to clean, versatile and luxurious to match many outfits, they bring comfort when used in addition to your favorite oils. Place one drop of EO on the beads and wear when desired.
  • Foot Scrub in a small bowl, place 2 oz of Epsom Salt, 1 tbsp of liquid Castile soap and 6 drops of A Happy Day to use as a foot scrub after soaking your feet for a few minutes. 
  • Aromatic Room Spray mix 40 drops of A Happy Day essential oil and 4 tsp of 190-Proof Grain Alcohol in a 4 oz Spray Bottle fitted with a spray top, shake well and let this mixture sit overnight. Fill the rest of your bottle with distilled water. Shake well and after flushing, spray 3-5 times into the air, on your hair and clothing.
  • On-the-Go Use There are some simple and small devices to take with you anywhere you go such as this Essential Oil Inhaler and the Mio Mist Diffuser. Fill them according to device instructions.

Spreading Positivity And Fun

A Happy Day is nature in a bottle at its best. Used in a diffuser it imparts a clean, refreshing and bright atmosphere that can be used for both personal benefit and to create a harmonious environment that will boost feelings of friendship and cooperation. Whether used in the home, during gatherings and special occasions or for work events, this lively burst of citrus florals and grounding oils will improve kindness between people from all walks of life. The best thing is that using aromatherapy and engaging the sense of smell, especially in shared spaces, can lock in emotional memories of special times that people will carry with them all their lives, continuing a sense of togetherness even if they happen to be miles apart. 


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