Welcoming 5 New Body Oils To The Shop!

by Grace Martin November 20, 2018

Body Oil

Give your winter skincare routine a moisture boost with our 5 new body oils. EG’s exclusive line of deeply hydrating body oils combine 100% pure essential oils, natural vitamins and nutrients to smooth, replenish and nourish your skin.

Available in 1 oz and 4 oz glass bottles, our body oils offer the lasting therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy while replenishing your skin at a cellular level. Moreover, the multitasking benefits extend to your hair and nails. When applied regularly, our body oils can reduce frizz and soften your cuticles. Our body oils really do-it-all.

If you’re gifting or want to try a variety, give our “Create Your Own” Body Oil set a whirl. A great present for the holidays, the set lets you custom build to find your perfect pairing.

5 New Body Oils

Cedarwood Spruce

Give your skin a hydration boost with Cedarwood Spruce body oil. Its earthy aroma encourages oxygen flow in the body, prompting the regeneration of skin cells.

French Lavender Sage

Noticeably improve your skin’s tone and texture with French Lavender Sage body oil. Naturally healing, French Lavender Sage helps repair problematic skin while adding a soft shimmer.

Tangerine Jasmine

Lush and tantalizingly rich, Tangerine Jasmine body oil nourishes your skin to advance its long-term elasticity. Tangerine essential oil helps brighten your skin while Ylang Ylang and Jasmine reduce discoloration.

Tobacco Patchouli

Redefine your skincare routine with Tobacco Patchouli body oil. Its emollient properties help raise your skin’s moisture levels while healing chapped dryness.

Vanilla Ylang Ylang

Get brighter, more radiant skin with Vanilla Ylang Ylang body oil. Its nutritive benefits help rebuild damaged skin cells caused by external factors. A skin-softening body oil, Vanilla Ylang Ylang absorbs deeply for complete rehydration.

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