Where and How To Review Edens Garden

by Bella Martinez April 19, 2017

Where and How To Review Edens Garden

Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you wanted to tell the whole world? If you feel that way about Edens Garden, there are ways you can tell the whole world. By writing a review on our many platforms. Here’s how…


When you search Edens Garden on Google, a box pops up on the right of the screen with information, like our address and phone number. There is also a “reviews” link. Click the link then “write a review” in the top right corner. There’s nothing to it!


Go to our Facebook page. If you haven’t liked and followed our page, we recommend you do for fresh content delivered to your feed daily. Click our rating (just below shop now) and write away. Easy as 1, 2… 5 stars.


For specific product reviews, go to that product’s page and click the “reviews” tab. Rate the product and let us know your thoughts about it. Piece of cake. 


Aside from leaving a review, you can comment on EG’s Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. You can also message us through all of the above platforms, or call and email us. We appreciate any and all feedback, so tell us how you feel.

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Edens Garden

January 6, 2022 at 8:52 am

Hi Yvonne! Please reach out to us with your previous and new emails and we will make this adjustment to your account so you may login.

In regards to samples, this is something we hope to offer in the future, but do not have available at this time. You may like our Sampler Sets, in the meantime.

Yvonne Jensen

January 6, 2022 at 8:49 am

I’ve been an Eden’s Garden client for a number of years, as has a local friend of mine. I just received a large order Dec 31, 2021. Very Happy with my products however I’m a little disappointed in two things.

One: I can no longer log into my account because I changed email addresses. Eden’s Garden has my new email address so I’m hoping for help with this. Also: I received advertising email for Skin Love 3 days after my order arrived. I wrote asking for a sample since I have sensitive skin and I’m told "Unfortunately we do not have samples of Skin Love to provide. We apologize for the inconvenience. "
Both my friend and I buy large quanties when we order so I guess I would expect more effort to go into sending me a sample of a skin product. I’ve never asked for a sample before and my prior products are all diffuser use.

Nicki Capobianco

June 14, 2021 at 2:44 pm

I love your company and often need to show restraint in shopping! I love the helpful EO recipes and tips you send via email and your beautiful website. Although I purchased last December and January I must say that the apricot oil is a must for my daily facial skin routine. I love the Tabacco patchouli oils as I use them for daily fragrance and calming. I purchased spearmint and love diffusing as well as a pick me up! I shared the 3 pack natural deodorants with my adult daughters! We are fans. I can go on and on. Thank you EG!!