Which Body Oil Should You Pair With Which Bar Soap?

Though Edens Garden’s new natural bar soaps are moisturizing on their own, our body oils work in synergy to enhance healthy skin moisture and keep skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. The question is, which body oil pairs well with which bar soap? In case you haven’t already started pairing a body oil with your bar soap, here is a breakdown of the best of the best body oil and bar soap pairs.

Charcoal Bar: Deeply cleansing, yet gentle on the skin, the Charcoal bar is best followed up by Lavender body oil. Much like the Charcoal bar, Lavender body oil may improve your skin’s elasticity as it gently soothes irritation.  

Earth & Wood Bar: Both Earth & Wood and Vanilla Sandalwood amplify the Earth & Wood bar’s ability to moisturize and brighten. Not only that, but Earth & Wood and Vanilla Sandalwood’s sultry aromas pair excellently with Earth & Wood natural bar soap.

Fighting Five Bar: The aromas of Fighting Five and XOXO are equally spicy and decadent. Containing many of the same protective oils, it’s no wonder why these two go hand-in-hand. Wash away the day’s impurities with the Fighting Five bar and remain protected while wrapped in luxurious aroma with XOXO body oil.

Lavender Magnolia Bar: If you can’t get enough of the Lavender Magnolia bar, be sure to follow up with its twin, Lavender Magnolia body oil. What’s more is that the oils in EG’s Lavender Magnolia bar soap are deeply relaxing, making Good Night body oil our first pairing choice after a nighttime bath or shower.

Lemongrass Bar: Sweet, citrusy and grounding, the Lemongrass bar pairs phenomenally well with body oils that can match its caliber: Shine and Yuzu Cannabliss. Both body oils will help to carry the same feeling of soft, moisturized and nourished skin that the Lemongrass bar brings, all day long.

Peppermint Bar: The Peppermint bar is known to revitalize skin while imparting its energizing aroma. Lemon Ginger body oil is the natural choice for following Peppermint as it has the same therapeutic benefits. Rose Bergamot body oil on the other hand, is grounding and soothing unlike the Peppermint bar. Both work together to create a synergistic effect, keeping you balanced and grounded throughout the day.

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    Thank you for this info….I was on the fence about Body Oils and EO soaps…This blog helped me “go-for-it”…
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