Why We Love Fir Balsam

by Grace Martin August 01, 2017

Why We Love Fir Balsam

This warm weather has really got us wishing we were outdoors! It’s hard to stay motivated while you’re thinking about camping, hiking, fishing and other summer activities. That’s why we’ve been diffusing Fir Balsam in the office, to give us those camp vibes and to create a fresh-forest atmosphere.

So what’s there to love about this oil? Fir Balsam is a great expectorant. So while your home or office space is smelling like a forest of fresh fir trees, you’ll be combatting those seasonal summer allergies as well. This marvelous oil also contains antibacterial, antispasmodic and antiviral properties, which is why we like to pop this oil into our diffuser to keep germs and mean microbes at bay.

What’s more? Fir Balsam is both soothing and penetrating, making it the perfect addition to a sore-muscle and joint-massage blend, which we love after a day of volleyball on the beach, soccer in the park or a hike in the woods.

So no matter where your summer takes you, be sure to keep some Fir Balsam on you at all times. Lastly, let us know why you love Fir Balsam in the comments section below!

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