Your Deodorizing Guide With Frankincense Lime

by Bella Martinez October 25, 2018

Your Deodorizing Guide With Frankincense Lime

What exactly do companies mean when they say their products “eliminate unwanted odors?” How do you know your air freshener is really eliminating unwanted odors as opposed to just masking the smell? Odor causing bacteria create stinky smells that call for a heavy duty solution. Air and fabric fresheners that claim to eliminate unwanted odors contain bacteria-killing chemicals that help to eliminate odor causing bacteria. Unfortunately, most conventional air and fabric fresheners contain a host of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances that can get rid of one problem, but create many more.

That’s why Edens Garden’s new Room Spray collection is making waves in the industry. Each expertly formulated room spray contains non-toxic ingredients, and replaces harmful, synthetic fragrances with 100% pure essential oils. What’s more is many of the essential oils in our room sprays contain bacteria fighting properties that help eliminate stinky odors. Take Frankincense Lime, for example. With antibacterial oils of Frankincense, Lime, Silver Fir, Lemon, Ginger and Spruce, you can spray bad odors goodbye, replacing them with the earthy, citrusy aroma of Frankincense Lime. To help you put this room spray to the test, we’ve compiled some of the stinkiest places in the house, and how you can use Frankincense Lime to give your home a fresh-as-a-daisy aroma.

Trash: You might be like most people if your trash stinks, so take it out and standout. Then, spray the inside of your trash can with Frankincense Lime room spray. Place the bag in the can, and spray the bag as well to layer the aroma.

Microwave: Food stuck on your microwave can create a variety of stinky aromas. And what’s more, microwaving fish, asparagus, or other stinky foods is a sure way to seal odors into your microwave. After cleaning your microwave, say goodbye to unwanted odors by taking a microwave-safe bowl of distilled water, spraying Frankincense Lime into the bowl about five times or more, and microwaving the bowl for 4-5 minutes. Let the bowl cool before removing.

Freezer: With time, your freezer can become stale-smelling and odorous. If this sounds like you, start by removing items from your freezer. Then, take a warm, wet rag and add a few sprays of Frankincense Lime. With the rag, wipe down your freezer. You may need to re-wet and spray the rag with Frankincense Lime to clean the entirety of your freezer. Now is also a good time to toss any items that may have caught freezer burn.

Closet: It's common for laundry hampers to be kept in the closet. Let’s face it, if the laundry doesn’t get done everyday, unwanted odors start to fill the closet. Eliminate those odors, with the fresh aroma of Frankincense Lime. Your closet will smell like you do laundry on the daily, no matter how long the hamper has gone untouched.

Garbage Disposal: If your garbage disposal is working properly and draining food, and it’s still filling your kitchen with rotten stenches, then your garbage disposal might be overrun with bacteria and germs. Combat these stenches by pouring about a teaspoon of Frankincense Lime into the garbage disposal. Then, spray the garbage disposal opening with a few spritzes of Frankincense Lime room spray. Let sit for about an hour before pouring cold water over the garbage disposal and turning it on for a few seconds.

Bathroom: There are many culprits to the source of bathroom stinkiness, from the toilet, to the bath drain, to the sink to the trash, you’re going to need a hero to stop the villainous odors. Frankincense Lime room spray to the rescue! Spray Frankincense Lime here, there and everywhere. Before you know it, your bathroom will be the freshest room in the whole house.

Kids Room: Spills on the carpet, diaper bins, stinky clothes, the list goes on. Kids attract stink like moths to a light. Kick bad smells with Frankincense Lime room spray. Gentle enough to use around kids 2+ and tough enough to overcome unwanted odors, stinky kid smells are no match for Frankincense Lime.

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Edens Garden

November 3, 2022 at 2:44 pm

Hi Julie! We’ve since discontinued Frankincense Lime room spray but still offer other great room sprays made with our 100% pure essential oils. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Julia Dee Kirby

November 3, 2022 at 2:40 pm

Hi.I would like to buy Eden’s Garden’s Frankincense lime spray.Do you have a website?Thank you.