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Step into a world where luxury meets comfort with Edens Garden's Vanilla CO2 essential oil, an exquisite essence that infuses your space with the indulgent and sweet aroma of pure Vanilla. Renowned as much for its versatility as for its inviting scent, Vanilla CO2 is a sensory delight, enveloping you in an aroma that's both sophisticated and familiar. This essential oil isn't just a feast for the senses—it's a balm for the soul, enhancing relaxation and tranquility with every breath.

Derived from the finest-quality vanilla beans using the CO2 extraction method, this essential oil retains a full spectrum of aroma compounds, delivering a rich and deep olfactory experience that is rare and precious. Its soothing properties are a natural antidote to stress, helping to dissipate worries and usher in a serene state that paves the way to restful sleep. Elevate your well-being and craft an atmosphere of peace with this essential oil, which is as beneficial as it is aromatic. Whether diffused, added to personal fragrances, or used in intimate blend recipes, Vanilla CO2 becomes a key ingredient in creating a sense of calm and comfort in your surroundings.

Infuse your daily life with the blissful aroma of Vanilla CO2 in the simplest of ways. Add a drop to your homemade body scrub for a spa-like exfoliation treatment, or mix it with a carrier oil for a luxurious massage that moisturizes as it calms. You can even craft your own room spray by combining it with distilled water, bringing the warmth of vanilla to every corner of your home. With Edens Garden's commitment to quality and purity, each bottle of Vanilla CO2 ensures an affordable, aromatic journey to wellness, inviting you to discover the harmony of scent and health. Elevate your essential oil repertoire and find your center with the sheer, sweet bliss of Vanilla CO2.


Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia

Origin: Madagascar

Method: CO2 Extracted

Plant Part: Bean/pod

Note: Base

Family: Orchidaceae

Blends Well With: Citruses like Sweet Orange, spices like Cassia and woods like Oud

Aroma: Sweet, balsamic, similar to Vanilla extract

Consistency: Slightly thick

Color: Yellowish-brown

Safety & Shelf life

Safety: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult physician. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use internally unless instructed by a licensed aromatherapist or physician.

OK For Kids: 2+

Kids Max Dilution: 1%

Shelf Life: 5 Years

Pet Safety: Essential oils are generally safe to diffuse around adult cats and dogs intermittently. Ensure the room you’re diffusing in is well-ventilated and that your pet can leave if desired. Discontinue use if you notice any adverse reaction. Avoid topical use and diffusing around young pets, small animals or pets with health problems.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of Vanilla CO2 oil?
  • With any essential oil derived from CO2 high pressure extraction, these particular essential oils have properties similar to distilled essential oils since there is no need of solvent to extract the oils, such as with absolute oils. This being said, Vanilla made from CO2 extraction will tend to be thicker than the other types. As for the benefits, all of the Vanillas offer their warm aromatic giving the user the ability to relax, soothe stress and nervous anxieties to benefit issues with sleep nervous stomach and nausea.
What’s the difference between Vanilla CO2 oil and Vanilla Oleoresin?
  • There are several differences that make Vanilla CO2 and Vanilla Oleoresin quite unique. In regards to the aroma, Vanilla CO2 has a chemistry closer to the Vanilla plant, making it highly desirable for its sweet, rich aroma. Vanilla Oleoresin, on the other hand, has a sweet, creamy aroma that’s still quite pleasant, but lacks the depth of the CO2. Both Vanillas can be used for similar purposes which include perfumery, stress relief, creating a warm and relaxing environment, adding a creamy and elegant touch to synergy blends, and more. Lastly, Vanilla CO2’s demand over Vanilla Oleoresin, and a shortage of Vanilla in general, is the cause for our Vanilla oils’ dramatic price difference.
How is Vanilla CO2 oil made?
  • Essential oils have a new extraction method. Its called CO2 extraction. The method involves using carbon dioxide (CO2) using the gas under pressure and at ambient temperatures. This method creates similar but unique versions of the essential oils that is able to contain heavier plant molecules. The heavier molecules are not found in steam distilled essential oils and CO2 extraction will produce a richer oil filled with added therapeutic properties. It also benefits from a longer shelf life, no chemical solvents found in the resin and aromatics closer to the plants they’re derived from.
Is Vanilla CO2 soluble in oil or water?
  • Due to the thick nature and the process of CO2 extraction, Vanilla CO2 may contain more of larger and heavier aromatic molecules. Compared to Vanilla Oleoresin which is best for water based solutions due to its lipophilic nature, Vanilla CO2 disperses best in oil-based preparations and can be blended up to a 5% dilution. However, it may never truly “blend” because the molecules are heavier. When blending be sure to shake the container well before use.
Why is Vanilla CO2 oil expensive?
  • We’re often asked why Vanilla CO2 is so much more expensive than Vanilla Oleoresin oil. For starters, pure Vanilla–whether it’s an extract, oleoresin, essential oil or CO2–is expensive. The reason for this is that crop shortage and an inability to meet worldwide demands have made Vanilla planifolia a rarity. Not to mention, tons of vanilla bean is required to make a small bottle of oil. Therefore, Vanilla CO2’s demand over Vanilla Oleoresin, and a shortage of Vanilla in general, is the cause for our Vanilla oils’ dramatic price difference.
Comments from GC/MS report:The analysis of this Vanilla CO2 batch sample meets the expected chemical profile for authentic essential oil of Vanilla planifolia. No contamination or adulteration was detected. The results provided in this GCMS quality analysis reflect the chemical composition of the oil and lot referenced above on the date of analysis.

How to Use

Similar yet unique from essential oils, CO2 extraction results in an oil containing heavier plant molecules, which produces richer therapeutic properties, a longer shelf life and aromas closer to the plants they’re derived from.

Apply Topically: Our CO2s are 100% pure and undiluted. To apply to the skin, dilute with a high-quality Carrier Oil. See our dilution chart here. We recommend performing a skin patch test when using a new CO2 or essential oil topically.

Diffuse & Inhale: Breathe in your favorite CO2s using an essential oil diffuser or personal pocket inhaler. For instructions on how to use your diffuser, please refer to the diffuser's product page.

DIYs: Explore simple and fun recipes on The Drop, our aromatherapy blog with expert tips, EO news, and informative reads.


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