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Pest Defy Essential Oil Blend- A Natural, Deet-Free Mosquito & Insect Repellent

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Discover the power of nature's own defenses with Edens Garden's Pest Defy essential oil blend. Don't let those tiny intruders turn your home into a scene from a horror movie. Whether it's a spider lurking in the corner, a beetle buzzing past, or ants marching into your cabinets, Pest Defy is your natural and safe solution.

Forget about chemical-filled pest repellents that do more harm than good. With Pest Defy, you can keep your space bug-free the natural way. The blend's fresh, woodsy, and citrus aroma doesn't just repel pests; it also invigorates your senses. Safe for the whole family, this blend combines the bright, effective powers of Citronella, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, and Geranium. As always, Edens Garden essential oils are crafted from top-quality ingredients and never diluted or mixed with additives.

Incorporating Pest Defy into your daily routine is as easy as it gets. Add a few drops to a diffuser to keep bugs at bay indoors, or mix with distilled water and witch hazel for a DIY outdoor spray. For a quick hack, dab a few drops on cotton balls and place them strategically around your home or picnic area. Remember, a patch test is always recommended when using the oil topically. Keep those unwelcome guests away with Edens Garden's Pest Defy essential oil blend - your natural shield against pesky invaders.

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Citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus), Cedarwood- Texas (Cedrus mexicana), Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), Geranium- Egyptian (Pelargonium graveolens)
Safety & Shelf life

Safety: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult physician. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use internally unless instructed by a licensed aromatherapist or physician.

OK For Kids: 2+

Kids Max Dilution: 1%

Shelf Life: 2 Years
Pet Safety: Essential oils are generally safe to diffuse around adult cats and dogs intermittently. Ensure the room you’re diffusing in is well-ventilated and that your pet can leave if desired. Discontinue use if you notice any adverse reaction. Avoid topical use and diffusing around young pets, small animals or pets with health problems.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to use essential oils for pest control?
  • You can use Pest Defy and other essential oils that deter biting insects in several ways. For mosquitos as well as fleas, making a bug spray is easy. Put 35-40 drops in a 4 oz spray bottle with 1 oz. grain alcohol - let this marinate overnight. The next day add 3 oz. of distilled water and shake well. Spray on exposed skin and clothing, repeating as needed to repel bugs and keep mosquitos and fleas at bay. Citronella's effectiveness has been compared to DEET however, its one limitation is that it evaporates rapidly. For this reason, it would be wise to spray your skin and clothing every hour or two when outdoors to avoid bug bites.
What essential oils are good for pest control?
  • This issue depends on the type of pest you have an issue with. If your issue is ants, peppermint is an excellent deterrent. Follow the trail that they use to get into your home and place a few drops of peppermint essential oil. For mosquitoes, Citronella, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, and Tea Tree are very effective for keeping them at bay. In the case of fleas, Pest Defy which includes Lemongrass, Citronella, Geranium, and Cedarwood - all well-known and studied deterrents for pests is optimal. Cedarwood has been shown to kill house flies as well as some beetle species.
Does Pest Defy essential oil help with plant pest control?
  • While its intention is not necessarily to deter pests off house plants or outdoor plants, Pest Defy is a pure plant oil and will not harm your plants if you use it as a light spray to deter aphids and beetles that love to eat the leaves. However, essential oils tend to dissipate in sunlight so depending on where the plants are located, you may have to spray them often. The good news is that one of the ingredients in Pest Defy, Cedarwood, has been studied for its effectiveness at killing the common house fly as well as some beetles.
Can Pest Defy essential oil protect against fleas?
  • It is not recommended to use Pest Defy topically on your dog or any other pets in your home. For further pet safety guidelines, we recommend picking up a copy of Kristen Leigh Bell’s book Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals or joining an animal aromatherapy Facebook group. If you would like to read more on our blog, try this article. When diffusing any essential oils, ensure there is proper ventilation and that your pet can leave the room if desired. If in doubt, ask a vet with aromatherapy experience for safety guidelines for your pet, or avoid essential oil use around your pet altogether.
How to dilute Pest Defy essential oil?
  • To dilute Pest Defy and make your nature shield for mosquitos and other biting insects, put 35-40 drops in a 4 oz spray bottle with 1 oz. grain alcohol - let this marinate overnight. The next day add 3 oz. of distilled water and shake well. Spray on exposed skin and clothing, repeating as needed to repel bugs and keep mosquitos and fleas at bay. Another option is to blend Pest Defy into a massage oil with a carrier oil such as Jojoba oil or unscented cream. Blend 15-18 drops of Pest Defy into 1 oz of cream or carrier oil. Please do a skin patch test to be sure that the essential oils in Pest Defy do not cause skin irritation for those with sensitive skin.
How to Use

Apply Topically: Our Single Essential Oils and Synergy Blends are 100% pure and undiluted. To apply to the skin, dilute with a high-quality Carrier Oil. See our dilution chart here. We recommend performing a skin patch test when using a new essential oil topically.

Diffuse & Inhale: Breathe in your favorite essential oils using an essential oil diffuser or personal pocket inhaler. For instructions on how to use your diffuser, please refer to the diffuser's product page.

DIYs: Explore simple and fun recipes on The Drop, our essential oil blog with expert tips, EO news, and informative reads.

Place 25-30 drops in a spray bottle with 1 oz. grain alcohol and 2 oz. of distilled water and shake well. Use Pest Defy to protect the whole family during camping trips or outdoor BBQs.

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