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Erin Sweeney


Erin Sweeney, the COO and head of development, brings over a decade of experience in the essential oil industry to Edens Garden. Her profound knowledge of natural products and supply chain management has propelled Edens Garden to become a top-ranking provider of non-toxic, high-quality products. Erin's dedication to nurturing a company culture that prioritizes people over profit shines through her meticulous management of daily operations. Her mission is to offer ethically-made, cruelty-free products of exceptional quality, and make them accessible to all.

A true Southern California native, Erin's passion for natural products and pure ingredients ignited her journey in the realm of essential oils. Her commitment to both essential oils and humanity fuels her drive to be an exceptional leader. Family and community have always held immense importance in Erin's life, and working with a team that feels like family is a dream come true.

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