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We could all use a little more rest and relaxation in our lives. Taking a walk through the park or sleeping in past 9 a.m. isn’t always possible, but with Petitgrain those calming moments can come with ease.

With an extraordinarily peppery and fruity-green aroma, Petitgrain can alleviate stress and soothe away depressed emotions through direct inhalation.

In French, Petitgrain translates to “little seed” because it was originally produced from the small purple fruit of bitter orange trees. Today, the essential oil is derived from the leaves and twigs of the tree through a steam distillation method. The Petitgrain from France is steam distilled using the leaves only, but other sources, such as Paraguay, often include some of the twigs as well, which will provide a slightly different aroma and color.

Interestingly, Petitgrain is derived from the same tree as Neroli. The flowers of the tree, native to China and India and grown in Europe and West Africa, are cultivated to produce Neroli. Petitgrain’s unique composition is perfect in a soothing bubble bath to soothe the body and mind.


Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium

Origin: Italy

Method: Steam Distilled

Plant Part: Leaves

Note: Middle

Family: Rutaceae

Synonym: Orange Leaf, Orange Petitgrain, Bitter Orange Leaf

Blends Well With: Cypress, and other tree aromas; Lavender, and other florals

Aroma: Peppery, fruity-green, and citrusy with Bergamot-like nuances

Consistency: Thin - Medium

Color: Clear

Comments from GC/MS report:The analysis of this Petitgrain batch sample meets the expected chemical profile for authentic essential oil of Citrus aurantium. No contamination or adulteration was detected. The results provided in this GCMS quality analysis reflect the chemical composition of the oil and lot referenced above on the date of analysis.

Safety & Shelf life

Safety: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult physician. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use internally unless instructed by a licensed aromatherapist or physician.

OK For Kids: 2+

Kids Max Dilution: 1%

Shelf Life: 2-3 Years

How to Use

Apply Topically: Our Single Essential Oils and Synergy Blends are 100% pure and undiluted. To apply to the skin, dilute with a high-quality Carrier Oil. See our dilution chart here. We recommend performing a skin patch test when using a new essential oil topically.

Diffuse & Inhale: Breathe in your favorite essential oils using an essential oil diffuser or personal pocket inhaler. For instructions on how to use your diffuser, please refer to the diffuser's product page.

DIYs: Explore simple and fun recipes on The Drop, our essential oil blog with expert tips, EO news, and informative reads.

TUMMY BLEND: Add to a 2 ounce squeeze bottle: 4 drops of Petitgrain, 4 drops of Ginger, 3 drops of Peppermint and 9 drops of Sweet Orange, then fill with Sweet Almond oil. Shake to mix well. Apply a teaspoon over the abdomen and massage. (1.7% dilution)

MASSAGE OIL: Add to a 2 ounce squeeze bottle: 8 drops of Petitgrain, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang, 5 drops of Chamomile (Roman) and 5 drops of Orange, then fill with Jojoba oil. Shake to mix well. Apply to the skin after bath or for full body massage. (1.7% dilution)

SUGAR SCRUB: To exfoliate the skin and smooth the feel and appearance, mix together: 6 drops of Petitgrain, 2 drops of Geranium, 3 drops of Ylang Ylang and 4 drops of Orange. Add ½ cup of granulated sugar, 1/4 cup of Jojoba and 1/4 cup Sweet Almond oils. Stir to mix well. Use as a last step in the shower, on wet skin. Gently massage 1 tablespoon at a time over the entire body, or focus on thighs and buttocks. Rinse and blot skin dry to seal in moisture; revel in the aroma left on your skin.

SHAMPOO: Add to 1 tablespoon of your shampoo: 1 drop of Petitgrain and 2 drops of Tea Tree. Massage well into the scalp; rinse well before using conditioner.

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