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Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of Edens Garden's Copaiba essential oil, where each breath carries the essence of positivity and relaxation. With its sweet and comforting aroma, Copaiba encourages deep, easy breathing, allowing you to inhale the serenity of the moment and exhale any lingering tension. But there's more to Copaiba than just its delightful aroma—it's a powerhouse of healing properties renowned for its ability to soothe inflammation, ease sore muscles, and alleviate joint pain.

Originating from the lush landscapes of Brazil, Copaiba has been cherished for centuries as a revered folk remedy. Traditionally used by northeastern Brazilian tribes, this precious oil-resin has made its mark in various applications, from soaps and perfumes to ceremonial burnings for physical and spiritual healing. Extracted from the resin of the Brazilian Copaifera langsdorffii tree through a meticulous steam distillation process, Copaiba captures the essence of nature's healing touch.

Incorporating Copaiba essential oil into your daily wellness routine is both simple and rewarding. With the bulk-sized option, you have an ample supply to enjoy its benefits whenever you need them. Diffuse a few drops in your favorite diffuser to fill your space with its light aroma and promote a sense of calmness throughout your home. For targeted relief, combine Copaiba with a carrier oil and apply it to sore muscles and joints for a soothing massage after a long day or an intense workout. You can even harness its anti-inflammatory properties by incorporating it into your DIY skincare recipes, creating custom creams or serums to address specific skin concerns. Remember to conduct a skin patch test before topical use and dilute as needed to ensure safe and effective application. With its unique aroma profile and myriad wellness benefits, Copaiba essential oil is an indispensable addition to any essential oil collection. Embrace the journey to wellness with Copaiba today.


Botanical Name: Copaifera langsdorffii

Origin: Brazil

Method: Steam Distilled

Plant Part: Balsam

Note: Base

Synonym: Balsam Copaiba

Blends Well With: Frankincense, and other resins

Aroma: Honey-like, with a subtle woody-sweetness

Consistency: Thick

Color: Clear – Pale Yellow

Safety & Shelf life

Safety: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult physician. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use internally unless instructed by a licensed aromatherapist or physician.

OK For Kids: 2+

Kids Max Dilution: 1%

Shelf Life: 4-8 Years

Pet Safety: Essential oils are generally safe to diffuse around adult cats and dogs intermittently. Ensure the room you’re diffusing in is well ventilated and that your pet can leave if desired. Discontinue use if you notice any adverse reaction. Avoid topical use and diffusing around young pets, small animals or pets with health problems.
Comments from GC/MS report:The analysis of this Copaiba Balsam Oil batch sample meets the expected chemical profile for authentic essential oil of Copaifera langsdorffii. No contamination or adulteration was detected. The results provided in this GCMS quality analysis reflect the chemical composition of the oil and lot referenced above on the date of analysis.

How to Use

Apply Topically: Our Single Essential Oils and Synergy Blends are 100% pure and undiluted. To apply to the skin, dilute with a high-quality Carrier Oil. See our dilution chart here. We recommend performing a skin patch test when using a new essential oil topically to avoid any skin irritation.

Diffuse & Inhale: Breathe in your favorite essential oil blend using an essential oil diffuser or personal pocket inhaler. For instructions on how to use your diffuser, please refer to the diffuser's product page.

DIYs: Explore simple and fun recipes on The Drop, our essential oil blog with expert tips, EO news, and informative reads.

SORE MUSCLE BATH SALTS: Combine: 1 drop of Copaiba, 1 drop of Peppermint and 3 drops of Frankincense with 1 tablespoon of Jojoba oil and 1/2 cup of Epsom salts. Stir together and add to running bath water for a relaxing soak.

LINIMENT: Add the following to a 2 ounce bottle: 10 drops of Copaiba, 5 drops of Peppermint and 5 drops of Frankincense (Serrata), then fill with Avocado oil. (1.7% dilution)

FIRST AID: In a 1 ounce bottle add: 11 drops of Copaiba, 2 drops of Helichrysum and 3 drops of Lavender with 1 ounce aloe vera gel. Apply 2-3 times a day or as needed to assist the body's natural process of healing. Shelf life: 1 week (2.7% dilution)

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