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Jasmine Absolute

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An evergreen shrub or vine up to 30 feet high with delicate, bright green leaves and star-shaped very fragrant white flowers.

Jasmine is one of the more costly oils as it takes over 8 million jasmine blossoms to produce just 1 kilo of absolute oil. Each blossom must be carefully harvested by hand so as not to bruise the flower, as bruised flowers will produce unpleasant aroma notes.

Inhaled, Jasmine is a very appealing aroma. There is an old saying that masters of the art of perfume use, “no jasmine, no perfume”. It harmonizes well with almost all other floral oils and, due to its potent aroma, is best diluted in a carrier oil or alcohol before blending. Only a hint of this precious oil is needed to impart elegance, balance and smoothness to perfume creations.

In massage blends, Jasmine is calming to overworked and tired muscles. It is an oil that brings a lightness and can uplift the spirit. It is a well-known aphrodisiac but also helps to dispel fear, guilt and emotional blocks. Additionally, it can be used as a gentle and cooling toner for inflamed skin and helps support a more radiant complexion.

Botanical Name: Jasminum officinale var. grandiflorum

Origin: India

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction

Plant Part: Flowers

Note: Middle - Base

Family: Oleaceae

Synonym: Royal Jasmine, Spanish Jasmine

Blends Well With: Bergamot, and other citrus

Aroma: Rich, flowery, sweet, and fresh

Consistency: Medium - Thick

Color: Golden Brown

**Euro droppers are not included with 100 & 250 ml bottles**

CHEER: Add to a personal inhaler and inhale as needed: 5 drops of Jasmine, 5 drops of Lime and 5 drops of Lemon. Or add 5-6 drops Jasmine to your Car Diffuser and diffuse for a delightful drive.

RELEASE: Add to a personal inhaler and inhale as needed: 5 drops of Jasmine, 5 drops of Ylang Ylang and 5 drops of Sweet Orange. Or add Jasmine to your Thera Lux Nebulizing Diffuser and diffuse for 30-60 minutes.

DRY, MATURE SKIN: Add 1 drop of Jasmine to 2 teaspoons of Rosehip oil. Apply to face, throat and the back of hands. (0.5% dilution)

BODY MIST: Add to a 4 ounce spray bottle: 10 drops of Jasmine, 15 drops of Frankincense (Frereana) and 8 drops of Lavender (Bulgarian or French), then fill with witch hazel, water or hydrosol. Shake well before spritzing on skin as desired. (2% dilution)

BATH SALTS: Combine: 2 drops of Jasmine, 1 drop of Geranium, 1 drop of Frankincense (Carterii) and 2 drops of Orange with 1 tablespoon of Jojoba oil and 1/2 cup of Epsom salts. Add to full bath and soak your troubles away.

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Safety: If pregnant, nursing or under a doctor’s care, consult physician. Discontinue use if skin sensitivity occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use undiluted on skin. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on broken skin or on abrasions. Do not use internally, unless directed by a licensed Aromatherapist or physician.

OK For Kids: 2+

Kids Max Dilution: 0.7%

Adult Max Dilution: 0.7%

Shelf Life: 4 Years

Comments from GC/MS report: This Jasmine grandiflorum absolute has an intriguing aroma that is deep and complex, with a piercing sweetness among a floral bouquet, throughout which weaves animalic and indolic facets. The chromatographic profile verifies an outstanding, pure oil

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