10 New Synergy Blends Are Dropping Into The Shop Today!

by Jenna Jones October 05, 2018

10 new synergy blends

Today we are launching 10 of our 20 new synergy blends. Expertly formulated with an emphasis on aroma, these 100% pure essential oil blends are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 

New Synergy Blends

Bergamot Key Lime: Find a renewed sense of vitality with the zesty aroma of Bergamot Key Lime. It has a citrus complexity sure to enliven any space. 

Cedarwood Spruce: Inspire your inner adventurer with the outdoorsy aroma of Cedarwood Spruce. Its dynamic properties can help expand the airways so you can breathe in and out more fully.

Eucalyptus Cardamom: Minty and refreshing, Eucalyptus Cardamom helps expand the airways and promote overall health.

Frankincense Lime: Woodsy and wild, Frankincense Lime can help you fight feelings of fatigue while spurring emotional bravery.

French Lavender Sage: Endlessly enriching, French Lavender Sage can help soothe tired muscles while promoting total relaxation.  

Lavender Magnolia: Decadent and soft, Lavender Magnolia’s feminine floral notes intertwine with a champagne-like sweetness that supports wellbeing.

Lemongrass Ylang Ylang: A nurturing blend formulated to promote inner-peace, Lemongrass Ylang Ylang is simple yet provocative.

Mandarin Lemon: A powerhouse of citrus, Mandarin Lemon motivates the mood while curtailing worry. It can help support the body’s equilibrium and improve circulation. 

Vanilla Sandalwood: Creamy and elegant, Vanilla Sandalwood has an array of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that promote smoother skin and neutralize emotional stress.

Yuzu Cannabliss: Its musky aroma includes a kaleidoscope of citrus notes that invigorate the senses. Yuzu Cannabliss has a myriad of anti-inflammatory and analgesic components to soothe the body and mind.  

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