DIY Spring Cleaning Spray and Free Printable Label

March 17, 2015

Spring is upon us, and you know what that means: spring cleaning. Lucky for you, dust and dirt are no match for Edens Garden's DIY cleaning spray! Just mix our Cleaning blend, water and vinegar in a spray bottle and shake well before use. It does wonders when cleaning mirrors and other home surfaces. After you mix your blend, print our free label on sticker paper and apply to your spray bottle so it doesn't get lost in the cleaning supply shuffle.

Edens Garden DIY Cleaning Spray:

  • 1 Cup Grain Alcohol 
  • 2 Cups Purified Water
  • 10 Drops of Edens Garden Cleaning Blend (get it here)

Download the Free Cleaning Spray Label


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  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Lauren! Grain alcohol is between 120 and 190 proof. This proof of alcohol preserves and emulsifies the product. Rubbing alcohol will not work in this case

    On July 31, 2017

  • Lauren says...

    Hi, what is grain alcohol? Will rubbing alcohol work? And if so, what strength of it do you recommend to make this cleaner?

    On July 29, 2017

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Meredith! We changed the recipe because without alcohol, the product will have a 1 week shelf life. You can substitute alcohol with vinegar, but it will have a shorter shelf life and need to be refrigerated.

    On July 10, 2017

  • Meredith says...

    I’m confused. At the top it says 1 cup of vinegar and at the bottom it says 1 cup grain alcohol? Also is there a cleaning solution I can make with fighting 5? A friend gave me a cleaner that had young livings thieves in it but I use your products and wanted to make something similar

    On July 07, 2017

  • Jackie says...

    Hello. Since the cleaning blend has lemongrass, does that mean it is not safe for granite? I was planning to mix rubbing alcohol and castile soap with cleaning blend until I realized it has lemongrass 8(

    On July 06, 2017

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