Tidy Up: Closet Moth Balls

by Bella Martinez March 22, 2017

Tidy Up: Closet Moth Balls

Imagine a morning where you wake up, walk into the closet, and everything is in its place. Picking out an outfit is a breeze, giving you time to sleep in a little longer or enjoy a cup of coffee. If the state of your closet makes this sound like an unrealistic daydream, it’s time for a change. Luckily, this vision is easily obtainable by following these simple, effective tips.  


Time to clear out the clothes you haven’t worn in months, years, decades, etc. But don’t just send them off to the thrift store, take them to a consignment store, have a garage sale, use the fabric to create something crafty or make a clothing trade with friends.

Boxes or items that have sat in your closet untouched can be stored in the garage or somewhere out of the way.


Organizing clothes can create a more functional and stress-free outfit changing routine. Remaining clothes can be hung up or folded and put away. Start simple by keeping pajamas with pajamas, work clothes with work clothes, etc. Also try organizing by color, amount of use, seasons or pick out the outfits you plan to wear throughout the week and organize them by day. Find what’s most practical for you and organize as such.


Dirt and dust tend to be pushed back into the far reaches of our rooms, including the closet. Give the closet a quick sweep or vacuum to restore it to its new-house clean. 

DIY Moth Balls 

Moths like two things: dark spaces and eating natural fibers, making the closet an ideal environment for them to reside. However, keeping your clothes from becoming moth food is easily preventable with this DIY moth ball tip.

3 drops Rosemary

2 drops Clove Bud

Cotton Balls

Drop EOs onto cotton balls and place in, on or around clothes to repel moths.

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