3 Reasons Why Coffee Essential Oil Should Be Your New BFF

by Jenna Jones August 28, 2017

3 Reasons Why Coffee Essential Oil Should Be Your New BFF

If you’re one of the millions of people who drink coffee in the world, than Coffee essential oil is for you. This scrumptious bottle of all things good proves that coffee is beyond great for more reason than one. Didn’t think there were more reasons to love coffee? Coffee EO will surprise you with its multitude of benefits and uses. Here are EG’s top three reasons why Coffee EO is about to become your new best friend.

Hair Growth

Many know that Rosemary is a go-to for hair care, but did you know Coffee was great for hair growth? Caffeine has the ability to stimulate hair cell growth and counteract the suppression of hair growth in both men and women. EG’s Coffee essential oil contains between 1.0- 1.5% caffeine. We recommend adding a drop or two of Coffee to a dollop of shampoo/ conditioner and leaving it in during your shower. Be sure to rinse well.

A Substitute for Your Morning Cup

Pregnancy, hypertension and other health issues can lead to a restriction from drinking coffee. No worries! Coffee essential oil is regarded as being generally safe to diffuse and use topically despite these scenarios, so you can continue to enjoy coffee no matter what arises! Just check with your doctor beforehand. And if you want to enjoy coffee but your bedtime is nearing, you could drink decaf, or you could savor the delicious aroma of Coffee in a personal inhaler.

Skin Tightening

Coffee is known for its astringent flavor, but also its ability to act as a skin tightening astringent. Drinking coffee and applying the essential oil is a great way to reduce the appearance of cellulite and fine lines. Our recommendation is to make an exfoliating coffee scrub by combining 1 oz ground coffee, 1 oz Rosehip carrier oil and 18 drops Coffee EO (6 drops if using on the face). Use a spoon to scoop out and scrub onto wet skin. Rinse well, and enjoy the results.

**Coffee essential oil is not recommended to be ingested without the consultation of your doctor and an aromatherapist. Do not get scrub wet in order to prevent contamination.


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