5 Creative Ways To Use Room Spray To Freshen Your Spaces

by Erin Sweeney January 29, 2019

5 creative ways to use room sprays

Misting the air with one of Edens Garden’s enticing room sprays is the fastest way to make an aromatic impression. When the occasion calls for it, a few spritz throughout your home can make it guest-ready in no time.

When there is no occasion, we urge you to reach for your room spray anyway. Packed with 100% pure essential oils, these aromatherapeutic sprays are brimming with possibilities. Read on to see our favorite ways to get the most out of your Edens Garden room spray.

1. Spray Your Car

Whether it’s before a road trip or on a commute, adding a calming aroma to floor mats and seats can transform your drive. Try the French Lavender Sage room spray for an uplifting, soothing scent.

2. Mist On Your Curtains

During the spring and summer, we are graced with warm days and gentle breezes. Make the most of your open windows by spraying the curtains with a room spray like Tangerine Jasmine, allowing the breeze to sweep the aroma into your living space.

3. Spritz Your Pillows

Add a fine mist to your pillows before bed to prepare for a restful sleep. If you want a more subtle aroma, spray the sheets and pillows before you make your bed during the day and let the soft aroma envelope you before getting into bed. The Chamomile Lavender room spray is perfect for this!

4. Freshen Your Linens and Towels

Fabrics can tend to smell stale when left in the drawers and closets, so freshen them up in between uses. Add a few spritzes of Cedarwood Spruce or Rose Bergamot to keep the linens smelling crisp and fragrant.

5. Spray The Trash Can

Before putting in a trash bag, mist your empty trash can with a room spray like Frankincense Lime to remove unwanted odors while adding a burst of brightness. Opening the trash lid will no longer be a nerve-wracking experience.  

With an Edens Garden room spray, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils while also relieving your spaces of musty, unwanted odors. Feel encouraged to get creative and let us know your favorite way to use the room sprays in the comments!

As always, be sure to spot test room sprays on an inconspicuous area of fabric and furniture to ensure it does not stain, before spraying copiously.

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