6 Essential Oils to Support Your Immune System

by Jenna Jones February 26, 2019

6 Essential Oils to Support Your Immune System

Every day we wake up and venture out into the world. We go to work, meet up with friends and commune with nature. And during all of this, we come into contact with germs that have the potential to compromise our immune system. Not to fear, though! We’re here to share 6 essentials oils that offer a helping hand to your overworked immune system, so you can stay healthy and feeling tip-top whether it’s flu season or swimsuit season.

  1. CloveMade up of compounds that have been shown to increase white blood cell counts, Clove is a great companion in helping your body keep its defenses up. If you’ve already come down with a cold, Clove essential oil can function as an anti-inflammatory, easing the symptoms of sore throats, coughs and sinus congestion.
  1. FrankincenseLike Clove, Frankincense can bolster white blood cells and decrease inflammation, especially when it comes to bloating. The next time your stomach is in distress, look to your Frankincense for some quick relief.
  1. EucalyptusThe next time you’re fighting off a cold, relax and take a deep breath — literally. Eucalyptus oil is a safe and easy way to open up your nasal cavities when battling congestion and other respiratory annoyances. Put a few drops of Eucalyptus in your diffuser and get back to smelling the roses (or whatever flower you gravitate to).
  1. Tea TreeKnown for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, Tea Tree is an essential oil that can also be an essential part of staying healthy. A supporter of the respiratory system, Tea Tree’s fresh aroma can aid in better breathing and smell good doing it.
  1. OreganoA health and wellness powerhouse, Oregano can act as a safeguard for your immune system. With properties that fend off stomach illnesses, Oregano is an ideal oil to keep handy during flu season.
  1. SandalwoodWhile its soft, woody aroma is pleasing to the nose, Sandalwood works overtime to benefit your body’s immune system. Some of its properties allow it to comfort colds, coughs and other respiratory issues. For those experiencing sleeping problems, Sandalwood can be used as a light sedative, offering your body’s immune system a much-needed break when you’re feeling run down.

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Edens Garden

December 7, 2020 at 12:09 pm

Hi Barbara! You can read our full stance on ingesting essential oils here: https://www.edensgarden.com/blogs/news/is-it-safe-to-ingest-essential-oils-1

Barbara Pippel

December 7, 2020 at 11:55 am

How do you use Oregano oil internally? thank you, Barbara