Body Oils: Your Solution To Dry Winter Skin

Winter is coming and with that, most of us can expect dry and itchy skin. It may have already started to happen if you’re especially prone to dryness but that doesn’t mean you have to give in.

Replenish your skin by moisturizing with our collection of body oils. Alcohol is an active ingredient in many over-the-counter lotions, which can actually dry out the skin. Unlike many conventional lotions and synthetic oils, EG’s body oils are entirely natural and nontoxic.

Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, EG’s body oils were formulated to soothe and soften your skin. All of EG’s body oils contain Camellia Seed carrier oil which locks in moisture and helps the essential oils nourish more deeply.

Body oil can even act as a protective barrier to keep everything from your face to your heels feel supple and smooth. If you’re new to body oils, we recommend trying out the Body Oil Set or choosing the aromas you like best. From Lavender Magnolia to XOXO, our body oils will add that heavenly glow you’ve been looking for.


  1. After taking a shower, massage body oil onto damp skin.
  2. Dab your skin dry without scrubbing with your towel.
  3. If your hands or feet need extra moisture mid-day, add a few drops and gently massage it in.
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  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Cheryl! Try Lavender body oil

  • Cheryl says...

    Which of these body oil blends would be the best choice for dealing with eczema?

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