Body Oils: Your Solution to Dry, Winter Skin

by Danielle De Guzman December 28, 2020

Body Oils: Your Solution to Dry, Winter Skin

We are officially in Winter, arguably one of the best seasons of the year. While this season can be cheerful and festive, our skin on the other hand can become dull and dry. 

With dropping temperatures and shorter days, our skin requires some extra TLC during this time to prevent dryness and itchiness. 

In this short guide, we will go over our favorite products to replenish and rejuvenate skin. Plus, our favorite secrets unveiled for ultimate hydration that your skin will thank you for now and well into the New Year. 

Replenish Skin 

Restore dry skin by moisturizing with our diverse collection of body oils. Deeply hydrating, our body oils are formulated with therapeutic essential oils, natural vitamins and nutrients to smooth, moisturize and nourish your skin.

Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, our body oils were formulated to soothe and soften your skin. By integrating body oils into your daily skincare regimen, you can transform skin that was once seen as sensitive and dehydrated into supple, vitamin-rich skin.


Read the Label 

You will find that many over-the-counter lotions contain alcohol, an active ingredient that can actually dry out your skin. Unlike many conventional lotions and synthetic oils, Edens Garden body oils are free of paraben compounds and synthetic fragrances. 

Instead, our selection of organic body oils are formulated with Camellia Seed, Apricot Kernel, Coconut Oil, Safflower, and 100% pure essential oils to help lock in moisture for deep hydration.

Reap All The Benefits

Not only do body oils heal dry skin, they also come with a multitude of benefits from the essential oils they are formulated with. Here are a few of our favorites to have on hand for days when your body and mind need a little reset.

To help with muscle aches and soreness, reach for our Muscle Relief Body Oil after a strenuous workout.

When you need to calm your mind and help with restlessness, gently rub Good Night Body Oil before bedtime to nourish skin overnight and wake up well-rested. 

New to our EG lineup, meet Cellulite Body Oil. Best used after a bath or shower, use this to lock in moisture and target problem areas to reduce the appearance of cellulite over time.  

From Lavender Magnolia to XOXO, our body oils will add that heavenly glow you’ve been looking for.

How To Use Body Oils To Nourish Winter Skin

  1. After taking a shower, massage body oil onto damp skin.

  2. Dab your skin dry without scrubbing with your towel.

  3. If your hands or feet need extra moisture by midday, add a few drops and gently massage it in.

The hardest decision you’ll have to make is choosing which oil to try first! 

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    Edens Garden

    January 5, 2021 at 3:17 pm

    Evelyn, do you have sensitivities to essential oils or fragranced body products? If so, perhaps try moisturizing with an essential oil-free body oil. For more in depth assistance, please contact our aromatherapist:


    January 5, 2021 at 3:07 pm

    Thank you for posting this. I do this but, still have itchy dry skin. Do you have any other ideas so my skin is not bumpy and itchy?