Bring The Forest Home, With Cedarwood Spruce Room Spray

by Erin Sweeney October 20, 2018

Bring The Forest Home, With Cedarwood Spruce Room Spray

A breath of fresh air, Cedarwood Spruce is the ultimate forrest-fresh Room Spray. Don’t live near a forest? Bring the forest to you with the crisp aromas of pines, firs and cedarwood. Need some inspo on how to use the Cedarwood Spruce room spray? Look no further than these top tips.

1. Did you or someone you know just move into a new home? Use Cedarwood Spruce room spray to clear new paint fumes and create a more welcoming environment. Room sprays make for a great, thoughtful housewarming gift as well.
2. Have guests coming over soon? Take time to prepare the meal and clean up, but when it comes to making the house more welcoming, a few spritzes here and there of Cedarwood Spruce will add a comfy touch your guests will appreciate in no time.
3. Laundry hamper scents putting a damper on your closet? Let’s face it, if the laundry doesn’t get done everyday, unwanted odors start to fill the closet. Eliminate those odors, with the fresh aroma of Cedarwood Spruce. Your closet will smell like your do laundry on the daily, no matter how long the hamper has gone untouched.

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