DIY Body Oil Sugar Scrub

by Bella Martinez April 05, 2018

DIY Body Oil Sugar Scrub

Some things in life are so simple and effective, you’ll wonder why people aren’t shouting about it from the rooftops. Today’s Sugar Scrub DIY is one of those things, and as a bonus, you’re going to get the most out of your favorite EG body oils.

Sugar scrubs are uber easy to make and in their purest form, require only two ingredients: oil and sugar. To spice things up and add extra nourishment, EG’s aromatherapists made this DIY with our body oils as the base.

Using a scrub helps exfoliate and nourish skin. Once the scrub is rinsed off, your skin should feel silky smooth and the aroma of the body oil will linger as a subtle perfume. Try Yuzu Cannabliss to invigorate skin, Lavender Magnolia to heal skin or Good Night before bed. Whichever body oil you choose, you’re sure to love this simple DIY Body Oil Sugar Scrub.

What you need

¼ cup Edens Garden Body Oil

¼ cup Sugar

4 oz Jar

How to

Combine the body oil of your choosing with white or brown sugar. Transfer to an airtight jar. While showering or bathing, take a large spoonful of the sugar scrub and rub onto dry skin, cellulite, or all over for exfoliation. Avoid getting the sugar scrub wet by using a spoon to scoop it out in order to prevent contamination and ensure a longer shelf life. Enjoy!

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