Diy: Edens Garden Essential Oil Storage Shelf

by Jenna Jones May 13, 2015

Diy: Edens Garden Essential Oil Storage Shelf

Clutter so quickly and easily fills up our lives. There's enough stress in the every day, you don't need more when it comes to your essential oils. Essential oils are about soothing, healing, and elevating your everyday, not making you frustrated because you can't find the bottle you need! We created an easy DIY essential oil storage shelf to help you organize your Edens Garden bottles.

We made ours to suit about 22 of our 10 ml bottles. Since it will hang on a wall we didn't make it too large or heavy. The supplies and tools you'll need to make this were all found for just under $30 at Michael's craft store.  


  • Deer Pine Craft Wood Panels - $2 each
  • Weld Bond Adhesive (wood glue) - $7
  • Perfect Hang Screws - $5
  • Large Bass Wood Back Board - $12
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver 


1. Find the wood: Find a panel or piece of reclaimed wood with some character to use as the backboard of your shelf. We got ours at Michael's and it has a rugged, rustic looking edge we just love.

2. Glue the shelving panels: We glued together two of the small Deer Pine Craft Wood Panels for each level of the shelf to ensure extra stability. To glue the wood pieces together, take each panel and lay down a thin layer of adhesive on both sides that will be bonded together. Put some weight on the panels to make sure they bond together tightly. We used a heavy dictionary. Just be sure the edges of the two slats stay level. Let sit for an hour.

3. Plan where shelves will go: Once the two shelf pieces are finished setting, measure out with a pencil where you would like your shelves to lay on the backboard. Keep in mind how high the shelves should be to fit your bottles of choice.

4. Glue the shelves to backboard: Put a line of the Weld Bond adhesive glue on the side of the shelf slat that will go against the backboard, as well as along the pencil line on the backboard where it will be fixed. Place the two glued pieces together and hold in place a few minutes while it sets. The glue should set in an hour but takes full effect after 24 hours.

5. Hang it: Once the glue has dried for 24 hours, flip the shelf over and use Perfect Hang hooks to hang your piece. The wood should be soft enough to easily attach the screws and hooks using a Philips Head screwdriver without much of a fight. Find a great space to hang your new, improved, and organized Eden's Garden Essential Oil Shelf. Make sure it's secured properly and that the nails are placed into a stud in the wall so it's not just relying on drywall to hold it up. Now organize your oils, and voila!

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