Natural Cheek Tint DIY

by Danielle De Guzman October 05, 2017

Natural Cheek Tint Diy

In a society filled with beauty trends, one look that has withstood the test of time is rouge cheeks. A little red in the cheeks often indicates someone is in good health, and healthy is always beautiful.

To ensure your rouge cheeks are natural and healthy, don’t use harmful chemical blushes. Instead, use EG’s DIY Cheek Tint so you can look beautiful without succumbing harmful ingredients. Our cheek tint has a lasting all-day effect that keeps your cheeks looking pink from morning ‘til night.

What You Need

2 tsp Pink clay

2 Tbsp Shea butter

2 tsp Carnauba wax

1 Tbsp Camellia Seed

5 drops Damiana Essential Oil

3 oz container

How To

Melt the shea butter and carnauba wax, then add in Camellia Seed and pink clay. Continue to stir on low heat until homogenized. Remove from heat and add Damiana. Pour into your container and allow to cool. To use, take a smidge and apply it to cheeks. Use a beauty blender to blend in, and voila! Healthy pink cheeks for the win.

DIY Natural Cheek Tint

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