DIY: Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

by Bella Martinez October 13, 2016

Diy: Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

What do you get when you combine beautiful art with the wonderful aroma of pure essential oils? One of our favorite decorative pieces! Reed diffusers are quick and easy to make. They are sold most places but generally come pre-filled with synthetic fragrance oils. So naturally, we came up with a purer alternative. Reed diffusers are fun to put together because there are so many ways to decorate the jar, and also a plethora of oils you can use to enhance the atmosphere in a room. So get your creative caps on, gather your materials and let’s get started!


Decorative Jar or Vase

2 oz. Sweet Almond

15-25 drops EOs

1 tsp. Alcohol

8-10 Rattan Reeds, like these

How To

  1. Stir together Sweet Almond oil, alcohol and 15-25 drops of your favorite EOs, depending on your desired strength of aroma.
  2. Pour mixture into your decorative jar. Or, decorate a plain jar to make it your own!
  3. Dip the rattan reeds into the mixture, and flip them over to saturate both sides. These reeds are porous, allowing the oil to be carried upward.

Some Of Our Favorite Diffuser Blends

Sleep Ease



Anxiety Ease

Frankincense & Myrrh




Though it generally takes months for an oil to completely oxidize, this recipe has a recommended one-week shelf life, since oxidation begins once essential oils interact with oxygen. If the aroma begins to dissipate within a week, more essential oil may be added to the diffuser oil. When refreshing this recipe, pour the diffuser oil out, dispose of the used reeds and rinse the jar. Add water and alcohol in the jar and let sit overnight. Rinse the bottle and refresh with a new mixture and reeds.

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