DIY First Aid Kit Using OK For Kids Ouch Ease

by Bella Martinez August 28, 2016

Diy First Aid Kit Using OK For Kids Ouch Ease

They start out crawling and toddling before they can walk. These stages of a child’s life are exciting milestones that we love to hold onto. And though they may fall and shed some tears, we develop a sense of pride as they get back up and keep on trying, despite boo-boos that may’ve ensued. Don't let cuts and scrapes from falls ruin these precious moments, but forget about them by giving kids something we know will prevent infections. OK For Kids Ouch Ease blend cleans cuts and works as an effective aid in the healing process. This restorative blend of top quality oils is sure to turn bad times into good memories.

Boo-Boos & Bumps Kit

Children can be comforted knowing that relief is nearby and readily available. Scrambling to find bandages and sanitizer may cause a child to have unnecessary anxiety, which can turn a small cut into a big problem. Having personally experienced meltdowns caused by forgetting where the Neosporin was, led us to develop our own Boo-boos & Bumps Kit. Pre-made first aid kits can be expensive and include a lot of unnecessary items. Why pay for things you don’t need? Here are some tips to create the perfect kit for bruises, bumps and boo-boo preparedness.

What to Include

Travel bag, like these!


Bandage tape

Cotton balls



OK For Kids Ouch Ease

Roll-on (optional)

Prediluted stock bottle (optional)

Hand sanitizer

Soy wax salve

Aloe vera gel

How to Assemble

Store-bought bandages are easy to use. Alternatively, using bandage tape and cotton balls to cover a wound may end up saving you money, because you can cut the tape into the size needed meaning you only use what’s needed. Use hand sanitizer before cleaning your child’s wound. You can scoop out some salve or aloe vera gel and mix it with a few drops of OK For Kids Ouch Ease in the palms of your hands, and apply to the affected area if you don’t have a roll-on or prediluted stock bottle on hand. The salve will also help to stop bleeding, and aloe vera gel can be used on burns and bites to reduce inflammation and bring relief.  

Compile the above items, and neatly place them in any old travel bag or first aid box. With time and experience, you may come to find that you don’t necessarily need all of the above items, or there are some items you use quite often that aren’t noted. Each kit will end being unique to you and your family’s needs.

Finally, let us know what’s in your family’s first-aid kit in the comments section below!

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