DIY Natural Shimmer Body Scrub

by Bella Martinez March 15, 2019

DIY Natural Shimmer Body Scrub

The daily pollution, stress, and grime we experience can take a toll on our skin. Luckily, this unavoidable damage can be reversed by using a polishing body scrub. Add in detoxifying Grapefruit Pink Pepper synergy blend, skin-loving Camellia Seed carrier oil, a sprinkle of shimmer and your natural glow will return in no time.

Sugar works as a gentle exfoliant, helping to clear away dead skin, dirt and the wears of the day. A good body scrub will also include essential oils and carrier oils which benefit the skin.

Camellia Seed’s toning, nourishing and skin-smoothing properties with antioxidant-rich, cicatrisant Grapefruit Pink Pepper to create a winning combo. And once your skin is rubbed clean and the scrub is rinsed away, the added shimmer will leave your skin sparkling.

If you’re looking to detox and beautify your skin, this DIY Natural Shimmer Body Scrub is the one for you.

What You Need

35 drops Grapefruit Pink Pepper synergy blend

¼ cup Camellia Seed carrier oil

1- 2 tsp Subtle looking, skin-safe shimmer

¼ cup Fine, granulated sugar

How To

Yield: 4 oz of body scrub

Blend Grapefruit Pink Pepper synergy blend into Camellia Seed carrier oil, then add the shimmer of your choice. Combine the sugar with the oil mixture, and mix well.

To Use

Use after soaking in the tub or rinsing in the shower. Rub the scrub onto wet skin in a circular motion. Rinse well and pat skin dry after bathing to prevent wiping away the shimmer. If you plan to use body wash, do so prior to using the body scrub.

Though we prefer a subtle body shimmer for everyday use, you can add a more noticeable and extravagant shimmer if you prefer. As this is a customizable DIY, we encourage you to have fun and alter it to fit any event or lifestyle!

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