DIY No-More-Night-Owl Sachet Using Sleepy Head® OK For Kids Blend

by Bella Martinez September 05, 2016

Diy No-More-Night-Owl Sachet Using Sleepy Head OK For Kids Blend

As parents, we know sleep is important, that’s why it’s hard for us when our kids just can’t fall asleep. Bats, vampires, werewolves- the scariest of scaries all seem to come out at night! It doesn’t really matter how sleepy our little ones are when the monsters come out to play. Those tired eyes never seem to shut, but as many of us know, a child’s sleep pattern can affect school performance and emotional balance throughout the day. Send the boogeyman running, and help your child get the essential rest they need with Sleepy Head® OK For Kids blend.


If getting the kids to bed is something you struggle with, try this homemade, No-More-Night-Owl sachet using Sleepy Head® OK For Kids blend. You can place it next to your sleepy head’s pillow or bedside, then send them off to dreamland with a good night kiss. One fun thing about this DIY project is you can make the sachet in any size or shape you like.

All you need is

Heat resistant fabric

Uncooked white rice

Sewing machine (optional)

Needle and thread

10-20 drops Sleepy Head® OK For Kids blend

How to

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric into your preferred shape. You can get creative, or make a simple rectangle, circle or square. Match the pieces of fabric face side touching, and sew them together. Don’t sew the fabric all the way around, but leave a hole big enough to fit the rice through.
  2. Take enough rice to fill the sachet and put it in a plastic zip lock baggy, then add 10-20 drops of Sleepy Head®, depending on the size of your sachet. For reference, an average sized sachet is 5x6 and requires about 10 drops of essential oil to thoroughly scent it. Shake and mix the rice so the essential oil has evenly coated the rice. Then empty out the ziplock baggies contents into the sachet using a funnel or spoon.
  3. After this step, sew the rest of the sachet closed. You can warm the sachet in a microwave for 20 seconds (be sure to use safety precautions and heat resistant fabric) and tuck it under your child’s sheets for a cozy slumber.
  4. This can be used in the microwave up to 8 times before scent degrades. When this happens you can always open up the sachet and add more oil, then stitch it back up, or simply add a few drops to the outside of the sachet.

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