DIY: OK For Kids Shoo Fly Essential Oil Blend Candle

by Bella Martinez September 01, 2016

Diy: OK For Kids Shoo Fly Essential Oil Blend Candle

Aside from all the mosquitoes, ticks, flies and gnats, summertime is wonderful! We can’t help but travel into the great outdoors during these warmer months, even though it means there are no walls between us and all sorts of pesky pests. But who needs walls to block us from bugs, when you have bug spray? Well, those of us who prefer not to coat ourselves and our families in harmful chemicals. Then do we give ourselves up as bug food? Certainly not! Kick insects aside, with Shoo Fly OK For Kids blend!

DIY OK For Kids Shoo Fly Candle

Looking for a way to keep your outdoor summer picnic, outdoors? You can banish bugs the natural way, by grabbing a prediluted Shoo Fly Roll-On. Or, you can impress your picnic guests with this easy, DIY Shoo Fly candle. Saying no to gnats and bye to bugs has never been so easy.

What you need

4 oz. Jar

3 oz. Soy Wax

Organic Cotton Wick

Candle Wick Base

Double Boiler



5 ml of Shoo Fly OK for Kids blend


  1. Melt the soy wax in a double boiler.
  2. Insert one end of the candle wick in the candle wick base. Tie the other end around a pencil. Center the cotton wick base in the bottom of the jar, ensuring the wick is taut and straight.
  3. Once wax is melted, remove from heat and stir in Shoo Fly.
  4. Carefully pour the wax into the jar using a funnel, and trying not to cover the top of the wick with wax.
  5. Allow your candle to cool by refrigeration. Trim wick if needed.
  6. Take your candle with you in your picnic basket, and light once the sun starts to go down. Enjoy the earthy aroma of Shoo Fly, and that you and your family are bite-free!

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