DIY OK For Kids Sound Asleep Spray

September 08, 2016

We’ve been asked a lot about the difference between Ok For Kids Sleepy Time and Sound Asleep blends. To put it simply, the difference is in the aroma. Each blend is intended to help your child fall asleep, stay asleep and awake feeling well rested. So what’s the difference?

Sleepy Time

Ok For Kids Sleepy Time is most effective when paired with a good bedtime story. For Sleepy Time, you might choose a classic like Peter Pan. This blend is earthy, grounding and yet, sweet. Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense and Petitgrain are standout characters in this harmonious blend, and will send your child off into Neverland, dreaming of adventure, pirates, mermaids and all things magical. The aroma of this unchanging blend is sure to become a nostalgic memory, and will leave some wishing they never grew up.

Sound Asleep

If Sleepy Time is best paired with a story like Peter Pan, OK For Kids Sound Asleep is most relaxing when snuggling up with a timeless tale like Sleeping Beauty. This blend is beautiful, sweet and soft like a lullabye. The aroma of floral Damiana and luxurious Osmanthus work together in the most romantic of ways. As you and your child fall in love with this blend, sweet dreams are sure to follow closely behind.

DIY Sound Asleep Spray

OK For Kids Sound Asleep blend has a way of eliciting thoughts of soft clouds, comfy beds, cozy blankets, warm fireplaces and fluffy sheep. Which is why one of our favorite ways to use this blend is by combining some of these sleep-inducing elements, and creating Sound Asleep Spray. This recipe is the stuff dreams are made of, and can be used on blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and PJs. We also feel it’s our responsibility to disclose that this recipe may cause good dreams, deep sleep, a sense of relaxation and feeling well-rested in the morning. Enjoy!


4 oz Glass spray bottle

3 oz Witch Hazel

30 drops  OK For Kids Sound Asleep


Combine witch hazel and Sound Asleep in a glass spray bottle. Shake thoroughly and spray 1-2 times on child’s pillow or blanket before story time.


  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Amanda! Our roll-ons are prediluted, meaning you do not need to add carrier oil to these.

    On March 29, 2017

  • Amanda says...


    I am new to using oils….are the roll on oils safe to use without a carrier oil? It would be for my 2 year old.

    Thank you.

    On March 28, 2017

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi April! Essential oils, including Sound Asleep, do not need to be diluted in order to be diffused. You can use Sleepy Time in a night time massage, bath, spray or simply add a few drops to his pillow at night.

    On February 08, 2017

  • April says...

    Hi! I am just starting to dabble in essential oils hoping to help my 3 tear old sleep better and through the night. :)
    I purchased Sound Asleep to diffuse in his room. Do I need to mix the blend with anything prior to putting the oil into the diffuser?
    I also purchased Sleepytime for massage before bed time. Any other suggestions? :) Thanks!

    On February 05, 2017

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Mary! You can substitute witch hazel for another hydrosol, such as Lavender hydrosol.

    On February 01, 2017

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