Essential Oil Loofah Soap DIY

by Bella Martinez March 18, 2021

Essential Oil Loofah Soap Diy

Give your skin a refresh by making loofah soap. Regular exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells and promotes regeneration. Dry skin can greatly benefit from exfoliation and the moisturizing properties of pure essential oil offer long-term skin health.

If you're looking for smoother skin, using a loofah sponge is an easy way to add exfoliation to your everyday routine. To make this loofah soap recipe, you can combine a shredded loofah, loofah slice or whole loofah with a natural soap mixture. The soap and loofah work in tandem to deliver deeply hydrated skin.

All you need to make this DIY loofah soap is a soap base, baking mold, natural loofah and pure essential oil. The easy combination creates a beautiful exfoliating loofah soap that makes for a thoughtful gift or homemade party favor.

You can customize this recipe by adding shea butter, coconut oil or rose petals to your recipe. As for essential oil, try Chamomile or Lavender for their anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties or our Be Still synergy blend. Its consoling aroma is perfect after a long day.

What You Need

All-natural soap base

Silicone cupcake baking mold

Natural loofah

Be Still synergy blend

How To

1. Slice the loofah into 1" pieces, depending on the size of your round mold.

2. After cutting the loofah, put each piece into the cups of the mold.

3. Place one pound of the soap base in a bowl and microwave until melted.

4. Wait for the soap base to cool a little and add 50-60 drops of Be Still synergy blend.

5. Pour the soap mixture over each loofah and allow soap to set for at least 2 hours.

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