Everything You Need to Know About Diffuser Jewelry

by Charity Dykstra May 09, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Diffuser Jewelry

When you think of aromatherapy, your ultrasonic diffuser likely comes to mind. It makes sense, of course, as these devices can fill our homes and offices with aromatic pleasure and health benefits galore. However, much as we love and depend on them, sometimes lugging around an ultrasonic diffuser just isn’t going to work. This doesn’t mean you have to go without your essentials oils, though. With diffuser jewelry, take the benefits of aromatherapy with you anywhere, anytime.

What Is It?

If you haven’t come across diffuser jewelry before, you might be wondering what it is exactly. Well, we can assure you there isn’t any trickery in the name, as diffuser jewelry is exactly what it sounds like: a necklace or bracelet that diffuses your essential oil(s) of choice. Of course, which style of jewelry is right for you might not be so straightforward. While you can find any number of style-color-material combinations, our diffusers are made of obsidian, jade, howlite, rose quartz and other stones. Even before you add the perfect EO, a diffuser bracelet or necklace can complement your outfit in a chic, nuanced way.

How Do I Use It?

Moving beyond aesthetics, let’s get down to the function of these diffusers. First, choose your favorite essential oil or blend for the day ahead. Once you’ve got that squared away, add a few drops to the jewelry before wearing it. This gives the oil enough time to absorb. Once the EO has been absorbed, go ahead and put it on.

What Are The Benefits?

Now that you’re looking stylish and showcasing your love of aromatherapy, what benefits can you expect from your necklace/bracelet? For starters, the EOs are contained within the necklace, allowing you to inhale the diffused aroma and enjoy its specific benefits when you wear it. Additionally, because the jewelry touches your skin, it allows for topical benefits too, depending on the style of necklace or bracelet you wear. Take your favorite aromas with you to occasions both important and mundane. Choose a confidence-inducing oil for the big interview, a calming aroma for the family reunion and a refreshing aroma for that long international flight. Aromatherapy jewelry also can help manage stress. Whenever you find yourself in a tough situation that might trigger a migraine or some other form of stress, your favorite soothing/calming EO aroma (like Anxiety Ease or Worry Less) is right there on your wrist or around your neck to save the day.

Diffuser jewelry is also great for diffusing thick extracts like Amyris, Patchouli, Vetiver and Rose. These and those like it have heavy base notes and offer a powerful aroma capable of staying on for an entire day or longer. To wear something extra special, create your own blend. For creative types, we recommend a necklace or bracelet infused with your favorite uplifting aroma. This can keep you focused and creating at your highest level. Or, keep yourself sleeping peacefully by taking a bracelet to bed. Do you suffer from digestion problems? Diffuser jewelry can help without forcing you to turn on your ultrasonic diffuser.

Lastly, using diffuser jewelry allows you to know exactly what you’re using and that it’s natural. Whereas perfumes and colognes are created using synthetic ingredients that may be toxic, our essential oils are natural and undiluted. You don’t have to read a long list of ingredients looking for the potential unsavory ingredients. With EOs, what you see is what you get.

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