Get Free Downloadable Labels For Your Roll-Ons!

At Edens Garden, we are so DIY crazy that we now made it even easier to make your own Roll-On labels. Simply download one of our colorful labels, print, name your blend and stick it on your Roll-On bottle.

For our many customers who practice making their own blends, the customizable labels make the entire process a little bit easier. If you’re new to DIY blending, try experimenting with Greek Lavender and Argan or Magnolia and Rosehip. Let your creativity run wild!

If you need to stock up on Roll-On bottles, you can get them here!


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  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Bre! The size of these labels are 2.6 (width) by 2.06 (height). We recommend buying adhesive paper, and cutting the labels out manually

  • Bre says...

    I’d like to buy adhesive labels to print these on and am wondering if there’s a particular product that would work for that purpose. Were these labels created to be printed on a particular label template? If so, can you provide those details? If not, how do you recommend to print and adhere them to the roller bottles? Thanks in advance!
  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Debra! Click on the “here” icon at the end of the article, then print

  • Debra says...

    How do you print the labels? I’ve clicked the printer icon but the only thing that prints is the article. I’ve tried on work computer, home computer, iPad and phone…Help please.

  • Daniel Becker says...

    Hey Cheyenne, 3M makes an adhesive spray called 77 that can turn any paper into a sticker. Its pretty cool stuff, its like a spray paint but of a light glue instead of paint. You can find it at many art/home improvement stores.

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