Go On An Adventure With Peppermint & Tea Tree Around The World Oils

by Bella Martinez May 22, 2020

Go On An Adventure With Peppermint & Tea Tree Around The World Oils

Go on an adventure with Peppermint and Tea Tree Around The World oils! A combination of oils from the same botanical, sourced from different regions, our latest Peppermint and Tea Tree additions offer surprisingly powerful therapeutic benefits and magnificent aromas. 


Sourced from Willamette, Oregon, the Midwest, and India, each Peppermint in this Around The World oil has been carefully cultivated to perfection. Cool and crisp to the touch, Peppermint is the ideal ingredient to combat a hot, humid summer. Or if you need an energizing, refresher in your day-to-day, simply pop this oil in your diffuser to tickle your senses. Peppermint’s aroma is undeniably minty and sweet, like a tasty candy cane or classic julep. Combine Peppermint Around The World oil, Spearmint and Bergamot Mint to create a frosty blend that’ll keep you cool.

Tea Tree

Our next adventure takes us to Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Another diverse grouping that shares certain similarities, these countries are known to produce the highest quality Tea Tree available. It was this fact that led us to create Tea Tree Around The World oil. This perfect pairing both captures and magnifies the unique, medicinal, fresh, green, and camphorous aroma of Tea Tree in a way you’ll have to experience to believe. Tea Tree Around The World oil’s therapeutic benefits are equally as awe-inspiring with its ability to soothe inflammation, repel pests, clear skin blemishes, alleviate fungal infections, and cleanse the air. Add Tea Tree to your diffuser to prevent common environmental threats from entering your space.

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