Grapeseed Makeup Primer DIY

by Bella Martinez July 26, 2017

Grapeseed Makeup Primer Diy

A clean, fresh and finished makeup look starts with the primer. Makeup primer smooths fine lines, reduces the appearance of pores and provides a smooth foundation for makeup application, ensuring your makeup looks great and lasts longer. Primer can be expensive and difficult to choose to the novice makeup user. However, most makeup artists consider primer to be an integral part of the makeup application process. Luckily for you, there is an easier way to get a photo-finished look that won’t break the bank.

DIY Makeup Primer

Most makeup primers contain synthetics that are hard to pronounce and unnatural fragrances. Our DIY makeup primer contains Grapeseed oil and aloe vera. EG’s staff has tried it and agrees that it gives the cosmetic industry a run for its money.  

1 oz Aloe vera

1 tsp Grapeseed oil

Simply combine these two ingredients, and apply after using your favorite moisturizer. Most aloe veras will still contain necessary preservatives, but avoid those that contain alcohol, fragrance and dyes.

Note: This product has a 1-week shelf life. Refrigeration is recommended.

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