How Essential Oils Can Help You Sleep During the Summer Heat

by Jenna Jones July 23, 2019

How Essential Oils Can Help You Sleep During the Summer Heat

It feels like we spend most of the year waiting for summer. We’ve all said or heard some variation of, “When is it going to be warm again?” And each time, as if we completely forgot how it happened the year before, summer begins with a bang. One day it’s a cool 65 degrees and cloudy, and then next it’s 90 with the sun reigning over all that’s below it.

While it’s certainly easy to fall in love with the season, summer can often bring unforeseen discomforts. There’s the painful sunburn that tells the tale of too many hours in direct sunlight, the sweater that smells smokey after a bonfire, and, our least favorite, the restless sleep brought on by the summer’s pitiless heat. Not to worry — we’re here to offer a potential solution for those sleepless summer nights. And the remedy? Essential oils, of course!

Single Oil Solutions

It might sound counterintuitive, but the hottest your body feels doesn’t necessarily coincide with the highest temperature of the day. In fact, oftentimes the summer heat doesn’t begin to grate until near bedtime. This can occur because the sun’s heat is stored in asphalt, which then emanates up from the ground, settling into your home. Once this happens, it can be hard to get a good night’s rest. Diffusing single oils like Peppermint and Eucalyptus can provide some relief from the stuffiness, cutting through the thick heat with their crisp aromas. Lavender can become an ally to better summer sleep, too, as it’s properties work to soothe the mind.

Heat-Beating Blends

For you synergy lovers out there, there’s a bevy of options to combat poor sleeping habits. Calm your breath, body and mind with Breathe Easier by keeping a personal inhaler of it on your nightstand. If you’re looking for a shortcut right to Slumberland, EG has you covered with Quiet Time, Tranquility, Sleep Ease and, of course, Good Night.

Other Good-Sleep Strategies

Setting yourself up for a successful sleep during the hot and/or humid months of summer is all about timing. If you’re feeling like the lingering heat is going to wreak havoc on your snooze, be sure to begin diffusing these oils before you turn out the light. We recommend giving your oil at least thirty minutes to set the mood before settling into bed.

With summer just beginning, these tips should come in handy. Along with enjoying the soothing properties of EOs, we recommend kicking the covers off your bed and wearing pajamas with breathable fabric. This dynamic duo should make sleep more manageable whether you’re dozing off in the desert, slumbering among the sequoias and everything in between.

How do you find sleep when the temperatures rise? Let us know in the comments!

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