6 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

by Danielle De Guzman August 07, 2018

How To Make Perfume Last Longer

The power of perfume is evident in its ability to evoke an emotional response. Every time you feel nostalgic from a particular aroma, you are affirming the timelessness of a scent. At Edens Garden, we encourage you to create new memories with our natural perfumes by making them your signature scent; a scent that will feel uniquely you. In order to leave this lasting impression on yourself and others, we encourage you to follow our tips to make the most out of your essential oil perfume.

1. Spritz after moisturizing. Dry skin doesn’t hold aroma as well as moisturized skin. Apply your natural perfume once your skin has absorbed an unscented oil or lotion, preferably right after a shower when your pores are more open. If you moisturize with a scented oil, be sure it matches the scent of your perfume. Which leads us to our next tip...

2. Layer your fragrances. Most of the Edens Garden Natural Perfume aroma selection is also available in body oils, soaps, or roll-ons. By using complementary products, you enhance the bouquet of your perfume and avoid any competing scents that could be sabotaging its longevity. See additional layering tips on our blog.

3. Apply to more than just pulse points. While pulse point are absolutely recommended for perfume application, restricting your spritz to only those areas could lead to a shorter overall lifespan of aroma. Warmth is what causes the perfume to cycle through its three stages (top note to middle note to base note). By adding perfume to alternate areas, you contribute to a longer aroma spread. Try a spritz on your hairbrush before running it through your hair, or apply to the collarbone area.

4. Spray, don’t rub. A long-used tactic for applying perfume, rubbing your wrists after application can actually damage the longevity of your perfume’s aroma. By spreading the perfume molecules over a larger surface area, you increase the evaporation speed of the top notes. All those lovely light florals and citrus notes will dissipate long before you want them to. Just a simple spray will allow the tiny molecules to sit as concentrated droplets, allowing the notes to develop at a slower rate.

5. Store your perfumes properly. Similar to essential oils, natural perfumes can be damaged from heat and intense light. The delicate compounds within should be kept in dry, dark places. In order to maintain the integrity of a perfume, you should store it in a closet or chest, preferably in its original box.

6. Avoid overheating. Whether it’s from hot temperatures or strenuous activity, body heat and sweat can damage the life cycle of a perfume. Sweat can wash away perfume, and top notes like lemon and bergamot evaporate quickly when overheated. Body heat is vital for ensuring a perfume’s aroma emanates properly. Too much body heat, and the transition from top note to middle note to base note is sped up, reducing fragrance longevity by several hours.

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September 6, 2023 at 8:26 am

This is super informative, thanks! I never thought about the spraying versus rubbing part, but it totally makes sense. I will no longer rub my wrists together after applying. Woo!