How To Choose The Right Perfume

If you’re still on the fence about choosing a new, natural perfume as your very own, here are some ways to select the perfume that’s right for you.

Chances are you’re already familiar with which aromas you’re drawn to; in which case let these descriptions of each perfume’s aroma lead the way.

Allure: Decadent, gentle yet complex and smooth, Allure’s aroma is earthy and powdery. When applied, Allure creates a further unique aroma that matches the chemistry of each individual user. Allure begins with the top notes of Bergamot, precious lacings of Jasmine and Rose, and moves on to the boisterous aroma of Patchouli, Sandalwood. One whiff will reveal why Allure was meant to be a perfume.

Lavender Magnolia: Floral, subtly sweet and bubbly, Lavender Magnolia is a garden of luxurious aromas. Like a freshly cut bouquet, Lavender Magnolia effortlessly intertwines bright Bergamot and Lemon, the effervescent sweetness of Magnolia and underpinnings of creamy Vanilla. Combined, the blend has an airy, playful delicacy that lingers with those who embrace it.

Rose Bergamot: The timeless aroma of Rose meets the classic musk of Bergamot and Patchouli. Rose Bergamot is a simple blend with an anything but simple aroma. An aroma fit for a royal, this perfume is our unorthodox take on a traditional scent. Most everyone finds Rose Bergamot to be palatable to the senses.

Shine: Fun, spirited, candy-like, Shine is a bottle of pure sunshine, made for those who live life boldly. Shine entangles the juicy freshness of Tangerine, the vibrancy of Melissa and Elemi and the luscious petals of Osmanthus and Ylang Ylang. This sparkling natural perfume illuminates inner confidence.

Vanilla Sandalwood: Luxuriously indulgent, delectable, rich and warm, Vanilla Sandalwood is reminiscent of a tropical, sandy beach. Vanilla Sandalwood blooms with Magnolia caresses with Sandalwood and swoons with the resinous aromas of Vanilla and Myrrh. This perfume produces thoughts of white florals, nutty macadamia, and creamy coconuts.

XOXO: Spicy, sultry, decadent, fiery and red hot, XOXO is bottled passion. When released, XOXO invigorates the senses, sparking desire and enthusiasm. With floral layers of Jasmine and Damiana, warm spices of Cardamom and Cinnamon, and intriguing Vanilla and Ginger, this blend is exotic and defies expectations with serendipitous grandeur.

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  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Jane! It depends on the diffuser you’re using. If you’re using the Edens Garden Ultrasonic Diffuser, we recommend 10-15 drops of essential oil in 100 ml of water.

  • Jane Martin says...

    What is the ratio of oil to water when using a diffuser?

    Thank you

  • Becky says...

    This article is really helpful! I wasn’t sure which to choose, but now I’m convinced that Allure is the perfume for me <3

  • Linda Harden says...

    Scratch and sniff samples are a great idea! If they smell different on everyone especially. They all sound amazing! I love your outstanding products, thank you! Keep up the good work.

  • Leah says...

    I got my order today and was hoping for scratch and sniff samples of all of them. Just one was included. Shucks.

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