How to Remove Kitchen Smells With Room Spray

by Erin Sweeney September 12, 2019

How to Remove Kitchen Smells With Room Spray

A sizzling steak. A frying fish. Appetizing appetizers. We love food, no doubt about it, but the smells they leave behind aren’t always pleasant. Even when you’re chef-ing it up, the scrumptious meal you plate can leave behind unwanted traces of itself. Bacon-wrapped brussels sprouts may be tasty, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want that aroma lingering. In fact, they can throw off your dinner party. Imagine moving from the dinner table to the living room only to have the amalgamation of smells trail you and your guests. It’s distracting. And no one wants to be focused on anything but the fun games at hand.

So, what’s the secret to giving your kitchen some breathing room? That’s where our Room Sprays made with 100% pure essential oils come in. Whether spacious or compact, our Room Sprays put your kitchen on the right track to smell its very best. And you can spray, spray, spray away knowing that each ingredient is all-natural; no chemicals here, folks!

How To Show Kitchen Smells The Exit

While spritzing our Room Spray indiscriminately in the kitchen is a pretty good start, there are other ways to make the most of the EO-based goodness. Think about hitting nooks and crannies that unwanted smells might find a home. One that we like to focus on is dishtowels, curtains and other culinary linens. These fabrics love to horde scents. Hit them with a generous amount of the Room Spray of your choice to move the smell needle back towards neutral.

Speaking of those nooks and crannies, don’t forget the corners of your kitchen. Heat rises, which means that the scent-carrying steam wafting from your culinary delicacies is finding a home on the corners of the ceiling. Grab a step stool — bottle of Room Spray in hand, of course — and refresh the hard-to-reach source of unwanted smells.

If the smells of cooking have traveled into the living room, den or bedroom, no need to fear. Because our Room Sprays come in a handheld bottle, they go where you do. Revitalize your air with the woodsy Cedarwood Spruce, soothing Chamomile Lavender or lively Tangerine Jasmine.

If you’re dealing with an especially stubborn smell, go heavy with EG Room Spray before bed. That way it has time to dissipate before you’re back in the kitchen.

We caution against putting cats and other sensitive pets in the vicinity of the Room Spray, as they do contain essential oils.  Read more on our blog here.

Love our Room Sprays? Good news since each aroma also comes in Deodorant, Body Oil and Synergy Blend form.

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