How To Throw The Ultimate Galentine's Day Party!

by Danielle De Guzman February 07, 2017

How To Throw The Ultimate Galentine's Day Party!

Rose petals and romance may be the center of Valentine’s Day but what about a special day to celebrate your gal pals? This year, gather your besties and throw a Galentine's Day party, complete with favors, decorations and temporary tattoos. We’ve outlined DIYs and tips for throwing the ultimate girls-only event. So go ahead, break out the dark chocolate and pink glitter and make this Galentine's Day one for the books!


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Galentine's day invite


String together some love with this simple craft project.

DIY heart felt garland

What you need:


Ribbon, twine or yarn

Hot-glue gun


Ylang Ylang essential oil

How to:

  1. Cut the felt into heart-shapes. Can be different sizes and colors to add more dimension. Try drawing the hearts with a pencil before you cut.
  2. Measure out 5 ft. of twine.
  3. Glue the twine (or yarn/ribbon) to the back of each heart along the top edge, separating each heart by ½ inch.
  4. Lay the garland flat and allow it to dry.
  5. Place 2-3 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil.
  6. Hang wherever your heart desires.


Offer your gal-guests a treat for later with this floral scrub.

DIY Rose petal sugar scrub

What you need:

Dried rose petals

Coconut carrier oil

Food processor


Rose absolute

Mason jar

White sugar

How to:

  1. Toss 1 cup of dried rose petals in a food processor until the petals become small flakes. Pour into the bowl.
  2. Put the petals into the bowl.
  3. Add 2 cups of sugar to the bowl.
  4. Add ⅔ cup of Coconut carrier oil to the bowl.
  5. Add 5-9 drops of Rose absolute to the mixture.
  6. Stir mixture with a wooden spoon.
  7. Pour mixture into a mason jar.

(Note: Recipe should make 16 ounces of sugar scrub; one jar).


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Galantine's DIY

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