Introducing: 3 New Room Sprays!

by Grace Martin October 28, 2021

Introducing: 3 New Room Sprays!

This month just got a whole lot fresher with the addition of three new room sprays! You can now enjoy the spicy aroma of Guardian, the refreshing benefits of Breathe and the energizing qualities of Fatigue Fix in an easy-to-use mist. 

Made with 100% pure essential oils, these long-lasting sprays instantly improve your favorite spaces. Housed in non-aerosol glass bottles, our Room Sprays neutralize odor while adding the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Use these non-toxic sprays to revitalize your living room, bathroom and kitchen. In just a few spritzes, you can enjoy the restorative power of pure essential oils. 

Breathe Easier

Take the restorative and healing benefits of Breathe Easier to the next level. Spray to enjoy its cool, cleansing aroma or when congestion strikes. 

Fatigue Fix

Naturally invigorating, Fatigue Fix’s fresh aroma helps ease fatigue while freshening the air naturally. Spray around your desk or workspace to usher in fresh energy. 


A spicy, revitalizing room spray highlighted by Orange, Cinnamon and Clove, Guardian forges an atmosphere of warmth and comfort while defending you from seasonal worries. Spray around your home or space to stay protected.

Grab The Essentials Here:

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